HEMATITE: Stone of Grounding. Stability · Clarity · Protection · Great for: feeling safe, grounded, mental fortitude, feeling mentally and physically balanced and calm, clearing anxiety, static and overwhelm, inspiring inner strength and courage, aiding focus, memory and mathematical aptitude, boosting personal magnetism, grounding to Mother Earth, grounding and transmuting negative energy down into Mother Earth, moving through challenging situations with clear thought and empowered action, overcoming overindulgence and bad habits, promoting reliability. Purported Physical Healing Properties: may support circulation, blood regeneration, kidneys, tissue regeneration, spinal health and alignment, absorption of iron, healing of anaemia and bone fractures.


HEMATOID QUARTZ: Stone of Problem-Solving. Balancing · Grounding · Accelerated Healing · A combination of Clear Quartz and Hematite, this matrix combines their properties. Great for: overcoming obstacles, grounding and cleansing scattered and chaotic energies, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting organizational aptitude and fortitude, turning problems into opportunity, manifesting dreams in the physical world through amplifying inspiration, clarifying action steps and inspiring action, aiding focus and concentration, supporting self-worth & self-esteem. Purported Physical Healing Properties: may help with circulation and blood disorders, cleansing of toxins, strengthening of liver and kidneys, immunity boosting.


HERKIMER DIAMOND: Stone of Attunement · Amplification · Clairsentience · Alignment · Herkimer Diamonds are not actually diamonds, but a form of tiny, double-terminated quartz crystal. Great for: amplifying and conducting energy, especially that of other crystals, as well as amplifying your ability to sense crystal energy, attuning to The Divine and bringing your energy centers (chakras) into alignment or into “tune” with the highest Divine order, developing energetic receptivity and perception, enhancing all the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience), connecting – with clarity – with your higher purpose and mission, assisting with meditation and inner peace, dreamwork and astral travel, receiving guidance from the higher realms.



HIDDENITE (aka GREEN KUNZITE): Stone of Genuineness · Heart · Trust · Openness · Great for: encouragement, opening on a heart level to positive possibilities, cultivating feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, moving through emotional blocks, love of every kind – especially spiritual love, for emotional balance, self understanding, self love and self regard, compassion, claiming your freedom to be your unique self even around those who are not like-minded, truthful and loving self-expression, for supporting feelings of divine connection and love, for cultivating loving romantic relationships, giving and receiving in healthy balance, overcoming inferiority complexes, for complete and total loving acceptance and embracing of others as they are, for prosperity and success in business. Purported Mental & Physical Healing Properties: may aid heart health, endocrine and circulatory systems, skin, lungs, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, mobility, mood swings and anxiety.




HONEY CALCITE: Stone of Confidence · Elevation · Empowerment · Integrity · Great for: brightening mood and perspective, soothing stress and worry, elevating morale and self esteem, seeing and integrating one’s innate goodness and worth and trusting the goodness in life, overcoming intimidation and constant comparison to others, connecting with the authentic self and will, self-trust, self-composure, honorable direction of personal power, gracefully stimulating energy levels, playfulness, happiness, authenticity and charm. Purported Physical Healing Properties: may aid digestion, kidneys, bladder, boost immune system overall energy and vitality.

HOWLITE: Stone of Comfort · Release · Sleep · Peace · Great for: calming and nurturing the body and mind, releasing worry, releasing the old self and storyline, cleansing toxic attachments, letting go in general, patience, transmuting insomnia and promoting sweet and deep sleep, opening to flow of wisdom and guidance in meditation and dreaming, cooling and transmuting stress, anger and rage, gently grounded intuition. Purported Physical Healing Properties: supports calcium levels, teeth and bones, hair, muscles, breasts, breastmilk and nursing.


HYPERSTHENE: Stone of Magic. Clairvoyance · Restoration · Journeying · Great for: quieting the mind, raising vibration, tuning into the higher realms and spirit world, recovering energy and regeneration after illness or stress, energetic shielding and protection, problem solving, realizing spiritual truths, crown chakra activation.