Shadow Guide

“My Goal is to help guide you towards embracing, expanding and expressing your ego in a way that helps you see yourself and the world differently. When you dare to see your own worth and be unapologetically YOU incredible things can happen.” –  Abella Caress
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Abella has had clairvoyant and intuitive abilities for as long as she can remember. Although she grew up religious, she is now a practicing polytheistic witch. She works with entities across all pantheons and is inspired by the wonderful teachings and tools that these universal source energies have to offer. As an adult, she wanted to understand her sixth sense on a deeper level and eventually found herself providing enlightenment to those around her through her gifts and abilities. Twenty years ago she fell in love with the art of tarot, divination, and the oracle thus becoming an eternal student of esoteric literature and occult practices. 

As a clairvoyant medium and certified life coach, she uses the tarot to help connect you with your higher self, guides, spirit team, and ancestors. You can also book a healing session where Abella will take you on a journey through your inner child’s shadow. Doing this helps you break habitual cycles from this life and lives past, that no longer serve you and your highest good. 

Additionally, Abella continues to practice the Nordic tradition of bone/trinket casting, the same way her Great Grandmother did. This helps you get to the bottom of the blockages in your life. She is also in touch with the African spirits that are the root of her father’s heritage. Allowing her ancestors to guide her through these healings is incredibly important to her, this connection is one she seeks to help you find for yourself. A session with Abella should leave you feeling empowered, liberated, and ready to step into the shadows with confidence and enhance your own practice.

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