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“I will locate noise or static in your field and bring it back into coherence so you are using your energy to its full potential. “- Appelusa
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Appelusa is a bronze medal world champion ortistic roller skater and USA Roller Sports certified coach. For over 20 years Appelusa trained athletes and beginners alike, spawning regional and notional champions. In 2015, Appelusa suffered a severe whiplash and lumbar injury. What resulted was countless visits to specialists, as well as scans and invasive procedures that frankly didn’t help. After several years of chronic pain, she turned to alternative medicine. She became Reiki certified so she could work on healing herself. She developed o home practice, changed her thought patterns, re-trained her nervous system, and then finally started to heal. Appelusa become fascinated with the biofield, physics and biohacking and continually researches the science behind the modalities she uses. Understanding the incredible intelligence system of the body is Appelusa’s life goal. As Ayurveda teaches, in order to support others in their healing, you must authentically engage in our own. As a bioenergetic practitioner, Appelusa studies the body and its energetic processes. In bioenergetic theory, it is believed that the body and the mind function together and ore functionally identical (meaning what happens in the mind reflects what is happening in the body and vice verso.) She is currently certified in Biofield Tuning, Vibrational Fascia Release Technique, Biofeedback. and Reiki, and is pursuing her higher education degrees at Maharishi International University studying Ayurveda and Consciousness and Human Potential.
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