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My Goal is to help guide you towards embracing, expanding and expressing your ego in a way that helps you see yourself and the world differently. When you dare to see your own worth and be unapologetically YOU incredible things can happen. – Ashlee Caress
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From a very young age, Ashlee had the ability to understand a person’s emotional predicament. She could feel it along with them and was convinced “feelings” were contagious. For most of her life, she thought everyone was given insight into another’s emotional space. It wasn’t until a tarot reading that she had at 15, where she was informed that this level of compassion and cognitive empathy was a gift. One she could use to help others overcome their struggles while having a genuine understanding. Her Tarot Cards and their whimsical images help her do this with ease.
Later in life, after the tragic loss of her father, Ashlee discovered shadow work. Just like Peter Pan, she felt overrun by this other side to herself, a darker side.
Psychologically, the shadow means – everything we cannot see in ourselves. Ashlee was awakened during this time of healing and grief. She understood the importance of knowing her shadow and welcoming her into her life. She continued to go to great lengths to observe this side of herself that she’d been taught was shameful. Its continuous journey for us all.
You’ve probably done lots of this work, without knowing you were doing it, GOOD JOB! Change only occurs on the other side of our comfort zones, deep inside those things buried away. Pride, ego, fear…all sound negative but, when we suspend judgment on ourselves this work is the practice of healing and self-growth that requires surrender, acceptance, and compassion.
If you’ve been feeling defensive, resistant to change, or the urge to sit in negative self-expression, this is a time to act. We’re all human, we’re all flawed, Ashlee’s job is to help you see your limitless potential and find your joy.
-A better version of yourself is not only on the horizon but in the shadows.
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