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“I am here to unlock the closed doors inside of you, energetically heal blocks and uplift you, so you feel empowered and prepared to move forward.” – Aya Ohara

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Aya is a channeler, intuitive, tarot and Akashic Records reader for people who need a little extra spiritual guidance in pivotal moments.
There’s magic in the air when you can see your story building with each card laid down on the table. You see where you’ve been, what is affecting you now, what can help you, what’s blocking you, and – most importantly – you can see your next best steps. These aren’t the readings you get on a lark. If you ask her what your future holds, she will say “That’s up to you. You tell me!” Because she believes you have full control over your life. That said, sometimes the right path isn’t clear, and you need someone to lift the fog and sweep away the debris so you can see it for yourself. Her readings are catalysts to inspired action and personal growth, sending you on a higher trajectory towards becoming your truest self. If you are ready to take transformative action, but need some clarity, guidance and support, you will find your answers here. Readings with Aya will give you
  • Powerful insights into yourself that come directly from Spirit and your own soul.
  • Practical tools to create positive transformation in your life.
  • Spiritual coaching to point you in the right direction.
  • The confidence to co-create your life with your higher-self/the universe/God.
This is why the most helpful questions are not about predictions, but to explore your best options for how to create the results you want. For me, readings are tools to uncover soul-level truths, facilitate personal growth, And give you insights into yourself and your patterns, so you can choose your own, empowered, purposeful path moving forward.
Because real change requires more than vision — it requires action.
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