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“Sitting together in full presence and connecting to source and you will remember that which you are worthy of. I help your personal vision and sense of self expand and your and help grow what you are capable of creating.” – Christian Love
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Christian Love is a women’s empowerment and wellness coach, spiritual counselor and Theta Healing Practitioner. She believes in the power of faith as a transformative energy that pulls us into the direction of a masterpiece life! Since 2009 Christian has done extensive studying in the fields of consciousness, subconscious belief systems, health, and detoxing the mind, body and Soul for a life fully lived. Her mission is to inspire every person on her path to connect with their self-worth, their innate beauty and their birthright of an abundant life, for them and their community.

Christian’s highest values are…
  • Honesty: discovering our authentic needs, desires and shadows so that we can heal and connect with our voice to express those needs in all our relationships and to learn to honor them ourselves.
  • Integrity: living our word beginning with ourselves, in order to cultivate self-trust and create healthy boundaries with others.
  • Faith: connecting to our “Source” of life, that which fuels us daily, in order to overcome obstacles as they arise. Stepping into trust as we begin to take actions that will lead us into the life we truly desire.
  • Beauty: honoring our bodies and our environments as sacred leads us to maintain them in healthy and joyful ways, bringing forth clarity of mind and we begin to fall in love with the world around us.
  • Connection: everything begins with connection. When we are living disconnected we suffer. By implementing connection practices to our daily life we begin to live from a wholesome place within and we can begin to appreciate the changes taking place.
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