“Everyone is born magical, with an innate connection to the Universe! I simply seek to reconnect you to yourself, your magic, and Everything. Together, let’s find the most authentic expression of your inner power, and help you step into it.” – Emilie Doering

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Emilie is a lifelong witch from a long line of witches (though not all of them were comfortable with the label!). Her emphasis is on practical and folk magic that feels true and authentic to the individual exploring their power and connection to the Universe. Along her journey, she studied several world religions, as well as the political and social history of a variety of cultures to understand how the human experience has influenced communal and individual beliefs. Her goal is to help clients claim their own power, integrate practices into their life that support alignment with their purpose, and both experience and express energies in healthy ways.
The core of Emilie’s healing and coaching work is based in energy alignment and expression. This involves:
  • Identifying and removing blockages. These can come from ancestors, past lives, trauma in your current life, or disconnection from your purpose and lessons here in this life. Emilie likes to use the tarot to work with your guides, your ancestors, your higher self, the Universe, energetic entities, or your own subconscious to uncover those blockages. Suggestions for removing blockages and aligning energy will vary depending on the individual needs of the client and guidance from their spirits. 
  • Physical- and Energetic-body balancing. Emilie is a Usui Reiki attuned practitioner, and fundamentally believes we are gifted an incredible physical instrument through which energy can be experienced, can manifest, and can express itself. She is currently studying Western Tropical astrology to improve her abilities to work with the custom energetic needs of an individual. In your sessions, she may incorporate elements of astrology, yoga, Feng Shui, Human Design Chart, or other practices that may prove useful in helping your identify how you receive energies and project them, as well navigate energies that surround you.
  • Personal Empowerment & Intuition Development. Magic is within all of us! We are all inherently connected to the Universe and what humans have labeled “the Divine.” If you are interested in developing a deeper connection with your own intuition or clairabilities, Emilie will work with you and your guides to improve your relationship with your own intuitive abilities and the Universe, itself.
  • Music and sound. Emilie is a professional musician & singer, and believes both the act of receiving sound waves, as well as producing them either in chant or in music, to have incredible abilities to physically alter the ways our atoms vibrate, the rate of our heartbeat, or the little strings that connect all particles of matter. She has also designed custom guided meditations for clients depending on what subconscious blockages they are addressing.
In her experience, everything from the way we breathe, cook, make love, laugh, to the way we walk through life is magic, is spellwork. The journey is in uncovering what gnosis is our best foundation in this lifetime with which to understand our relationship with the Universe. Our best “soul medicine.” And then working to align our mind, energetic body, and physical body to it.
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