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Sometimes we just need a night off to experience great entertainment! Comedy, Poetry and Theater are some of the most popular events in LA. Why not come check them out in our unique, covid-safe spiritual and creative space? We offer the best and most interesting mix of comedy, poetry, theater and creative entertainment to be found anywhere in LA, with the best-of-the-best local and touring artists, entertainers and comedians from all over the world. Maybe you have a talent of your own you would like to share at our open mic nights? Let go of the mundane hustle and grind – come unwind in our magical, soul-stirring space and let our featured artists, poets, actors and comedians take your heart and mind to new heights! Don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the faces on stage – we are so blessed to have some of the world’s best actors and comedians who’ve appeared in multiple recurring roles in huge sitcoms. Just one of the many amazing things about LA, city of angels – and city of actors! Our open mic nights boast a multitude of different talents, always keeping things interesting and exceptional.

Great for: Letting go and disconnecting from the burdens and pressures of everyday life and the “real” world! Come laugh, feel, dream and cry with us on our comedy, poetry and theater nights! Everything from stand-up to open mics to slam poetry to book-readings to scene plays and more. Check our calendar for upcoming events!