Barre Sculpt & Stretch with Chrissy



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Chrissy is an LA Native passionate about healing body, mind and soul. Having come from a professional dance background, Chrissy incorporates her first love, (ballet) barre with yoga sculpt and pilates. Her specialty is in sculpting from the inside out, targeting one muscle at a time, isolating and focusing on the deepest layer of muscles in order to build true, embodied, overall strength. “Strength in Flexibility” is her motto for this class. Contrary to what most people might believe, one is not without the either and she finds joy in helping people break this mold. Great for anyone new or advanced to forming and challenging fundamental control with their bodies, rehabilitating old injuries or just someone looking to do low-impact movements with high inner intensity, in a fun and creative way.


This class/event takes place in our outdoor garden that’s equipped with space heaters and blankets, please dress accordingly.


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Chrissy brings her skills from ballet being her first love, as well as having been a professional dancer, and combines this with elements of Pilates, Yoga, and strength training into her Barre Sculpt classes. Valuing self-expression through any modality, especially through the body, in order to release. As a human with a history of complex trauma, she used dancing as an outlet for her deeply repressed anger. As freeing as it was, she found a huge disconnect with accessing deeper aspects of herself emotionally, and expressing them physically while she was “performing”. This led her to discover her deep need for inner work, finding that truth strength begins from within. This discovery catapulted her into her healing journey, something she had been too afraid to face. Not only was she inspired to take her art to the next level, but beyond that she also wanted to share this gift of empowerment with others; not just dancers, but people from all backgrounds. It was through teaching Barre and Yoga (Sculpt) that she helped others find this kind of control and access within their own bodies. Working out intentionally in this way, one muscle at a time, slowing down in order to speed up. Recognizing that while the strength starts from within, the body also holds incredible wisdom into the subconscious, especially when the mind is unable to move. Now having combined both into Barre Sculpt, she finds joy and purpose in helping others empower their bodies by strengthening from the inside out.



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Mar 28 2023


11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

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