IN PERSON | Doors of Connection: An Explorative Acting Workshop

Powerful and groundbreaking tools for deepening our connection with others and ourselves

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We are living in an age when true connection is being lost, this gathering will be a safe and sacred place to develop and deepen our tools of connection.In today’s society, we need valuable tools to establish deep connection both with ourselves and with our fellow human beings. Our ability to truly connect is being lost to superficial substitutes such as social media, dating apps, and virtual gatherings. This is an opportunity to reclaim our need and desire to truly experience deep connection, in person and in a fun, sacred, safe and educational environment.


True connection is one of the greatest needs human beings are craving during these times, and this workshop is here as a place to:

-Meet incredible new people.

-Build confidence and self esteem.

-Become aware of our internal blocks that are keeping us from experiencing deep, profound and exciting connections.

-Develop the tools and the ability to be firmly grounded, relaxed and open while engaged in the intense heat of connection with another human being.

-Discover and improve truthful dialogue.

-Sharpen our ability to really listen to others and perform exercises that will improve these listening skills.

– Get in touch with our bodies through movement and dance.

-Rediscover our true voice through emotionally connected sound.

-Increase awareness of thoughts, feelings and tension through meditative practices.

-Relaxation exercises to alleviate and release tension in the body that block our impulses and ability to connect.

-Establish a state of openness and intimacy with another human being in a very quick amount of time.

-Experience heightened sensory awareness for a richer experience of life.

-Discover and take ownership of our wants, desires, needs, ambitions and goals and most importantly, speak the truth.


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 IN PERSON | Doors of Connection: An Explorative Acting Workshop image

My name is Carlton Totten. I’ve been an actor in Los Angeles, California for 10 years. Within my ten year wild ride of a journey, I have studied extensively with some of the leading teachers of acting. It became clear to me that many of the exercises and preparations that actors do to get ready and connect to themselves and others, can be used to improve the non actor’s life and relationships. Acting is essentially the study and the experiencing of truth, life, self and human beings. Actors hold a mirror up to nature and with that mirror, we get to experience and re-create the richness and depth of experience and connection.

Simultaneously running parallel to my path of being an actor, came spiritual revelation and practice. I became deeply involved and immersed in various spiritual practices, organizations and teachers. Spiritual/meditation practices can be utilized for the improvement of people’s lives, bringing clarity and change to how people connect and discovering and claiming their true voice and their life’s purpose. These practices can also be taken beyond the dualistic perception of life and into a non dual perception of unity and oneness with all of existence.

I welcome you to open the doors of connection. I’m excited to greet you and work with you on your road to discovering your highest potential.

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Dec 06 2021


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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