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Saturday, October 9th | 3 – 5 PM | $45


This workshop is for people who want to stimulate creative flow and have a more authentic experience with their emotions. When you put your deepest thoughts and feelings on paper without judgment, you can become a better writer and a happier and more productive human being. Mindful writing can help you connect to your deepest self to explore your inner world and the inner world of fictional characters you may be developing.

No writing experience is required. Both seasoned writers and those who are new to writing are welcome in this workshop to explore and tap into a deeper part of the creative well.

Diana Osberg will lead you through a series of writing exercises that work from the outside world to the inside world, from the physical to the emotional. She will use sound healing instruments during some of the writing exercises to encourage inner reflection, dissolve stagnant energy, and open new dimensions of perception for the creative spirit.

To help the brain shift from the stressed-out Beta waves into a more relaxed state of Alpha and Theta waves, we’ll take a break about mid-way for a short, refreshing sound bath with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and other sacred instruments.

Alpha and Theta waves entrain your brain and dissolve creative blocks, letting you tap into new ideas and insights. This allows you to shift your perspective and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and situations in your life.

Alpha waves are present when you’re relaxed and daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. This is a frequency that fosters creativity. Theta waves occur in a hypnotic state and let you tap into your subconscious mind. These waves are often present during a sound bath and in the deepest state of Zen meditation. During this time, people may see colors and patterns and even get downloads of information.

Mindfulness is a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. This means being present in the now with an acceptance of what is. A mindfulness practice can reduce anxiety and depression, improve concentration, and has numerous interpersonal and creative benefits.

Mindful writing means to write while embracing an attitude of non-judgmental awareness. This practice promotes self-awareness, which can help the writer create more dimensional and emotionally engaging characters.

A mindfulness approach to writing can open the door to understanding your own motivations and reactions so that you may move around blocks that prevent you from living your best life. Likewise, when developing a character, you can gain clear insight into what obstacles work best to raise the stakes and prevent your characters from achieving their goals.

This workshop will help you:

• Slow down. Create inner space. Let go. Love who you are.

• Dissolve creative blocks.

• Connect more deeply with yourself.

• View your world through a new lens.

• Develop more dimensional and emotionally immersive characters.


WHAT TO BRING: Optional lap desk to make writing easier. We will provide journals, pens, meditation cushions, yoga blankets, and yoga mats. However, you’re welcome to bring your own tools.


WHAT TO WEAR: Loose, comfortable clothing. We’ll be alternately sitting on meditation cushions and lying on yoga mats. Be prepared to remove your shoes and socks.


COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: Masks are required during the workshop.




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Diana Osberg is a screenwriter, blogger, story consultant, and creative development professional, with over 20 years of multi-level experience in motion picture development and production. She co-wrote the script for the award-winning film “The Journey” and is versed in all aspects of script development, with a thorough knowledge of story, structure, and character.

Diana transitioned from the entertainment world to a spiritual practice and teaching. She is certified as a Yin and Restorative yoga and sound healing medicine teacher, focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians, nervous system response, anatomy, and alignment. She is trained in Sudarshan Kriya breathwork and teaches mindful breathing, meditation, and body tapping, is a wellness and mindfulness coach, and is founder of Inner Story Retreats. She teaches classes and leads events at Bindupoint Center for Presence and Liberate Yourself. In partnership with Kirsten Korot International, Diana is known as one of the Sound Sisters.

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Oct 09 2021


3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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