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Join author, reiki master, crystal healer, shamanic practitioner and orgone energy artist Kelly Brinn for a talk all about orgone energy. Learn what orgone energy is, the history and science behind how it works, and how you can use orgone energy generators in and around your home to mitigate harmful EMF, increase plant growth and repel outdoor pollution for better health and wellness. Find out why this technology is the key to bring harmony and peace into your home and work environments and why so many people have reported better sleep, deeper meditation and enhanced health after using it.



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Kelly Brinn was working as a fashion designer when she began to study subtle energy and healing, in an effort to heal herself from trauma, depression, anxiety and insomnia. As time progressed, her interest in healing the energy body transformed from a hobby into a full-time passion, resulting in the book ‘SYNERGY – A Modern Healer’s Guide to Complete Bioenergy Wellness.’ Kelly uses several modalities to keep herself and her clients feeling their best; she is an Usui Holy Fire III reiki master, crystal healer, shamanic practitioner, and creator of a line of orgone energy EMF protection products. She lives in Los Angeles with her fiance and their cats, where she enjoys hiking, going to the beach and creating new and uplifting wellness products. You can learn more about her work, products and services on her website,


Testimonials (from verified Etsy purchasers!)

“My wife and I are sleeping 100% better after putting a couple of these (orgone pyramids) around the house!” -William

“Beautiful. I’m in love with these orgone pyramids. I felt like I was vibrating when I held the first one in my hands. I bought them as gifts but I will be back to by myself one soon!” – Nicole

“This piece was absolutely gorgeous! I felt extremely good as soon as I held it. The energy in my home was clean immediately. I actually felt a difference pretty soon after. “ – Andrea

” Charging this piece with my own hand for a few minutes, I unexpectedly felt relaxed and then energized with the love that went into it when it was made. Very special. Thanks for super-fast attention to my order and the lovely gift that I will enjoy. See you again soon.” – Tina

” Wow! Kelly is charming and fabulous! Her customer service is excellent and the Pyramid arrived today, safely packaged. IT IS GORGEOUS! The photo doesn’t do it justice. I’m new to Orgone energy so wanted to try one first… Well! I’ll be buying a collection of these! It feels so good I’ve been carrying it around ever since it showed up on my doorstep. It instantly drained the tension from my head and brows and enabled me to breathe deeply for the first time in ages. Magic! Or rather, science ;-)” – Freya

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Sep 03 2022


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Liberate Emporium - Los Feliz
1765 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
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