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Breathwork as your new Morning Workout.

The Conscious Awareness of your Breath is a practice that is thousands of years old, and while there are many variations, all types of Breathwork offer the opportunity of personal transformation through improved mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

There are many studies now showing that the state of our Breath, is the underlying cause of all physical, mental and emotional symptoms. So rather than beginning with a drastic change in diet or exercise, we can begin to see that what needs our most immediate attention is the activity that we do 22,000 times per day: Breathing. Our Breath is literally what keeps us alive, and yet, so often, we go through the day chronically shallow breathing, which physiologically speaking, keeps us in a state of fight or flight.

It is said that how we Breathe is how we live, and so to live life to its fullest, we believe we should Breathe to our fullest. Breathwork bridges Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science, to allow us to Bio Hack our beautiful physical vessels that have been subject to our environments for far too long and to Co Create the internal AND external realities that we desire.

Join Celeste McMillian every Monday & Wednesday at 8AM online for an hour of education, meditation and exploration utilizing your Breath, to Heal, Empower and Invigorate your life.

Benefits of Breathwork include but are not limited to:

+ Reduced Stress, Anxiety & Depression

+ Increased Energy & Stronger Immune System

+ Increased Presence, Self Awareness & Joy

+ Improved Sleep

+ Releasing Fear & Trauma

+ Reduced Pain

+ Improved Digestion

+ Exploration of altered states of Consciousness

+ Lower Blood Pressure

+ Increased Attention Span

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Celeste McMillian was Born in Hamburg, Germany on an American military base and raised in Northern California.

She has been studying and working with psychedelic plant medicines for over 10 years. Beginning with the intention of utilizing plant medicines for her own healing journey, her desire to be of service to others quickly grew. Personal experience with friends and family experiencing mental illness inspired her to search for medicines and modalities that were also healing, but not psychoactive and therefore more widely applicable to the general public.

Over the past 7 years she has founded a free monthly community Sound Healing event in Los Angeles and curated countless Healing Sanctuaries at transformational festivals.

In addition to working with medicines such as Ayahuasca and Kambo, she regularly facilitates Cacao and Breathwork Ceremonies around LA, as well as internationally. As her journey progresses, she continues to add to her repertoire of medicines, study various methods of self-healing and apply the most effective tools, to the work that she does.

After moving to Los Angeles Celeste also quickly found herself working in the TV & Film industry, as well as the Electronic Music scene. She currently DJ’s in the festival circuit and produces music under the name “Celestial”.

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Feb 15 2023


8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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