LIVESTREAM | Full Moon Quantum Mystic Meditation: Back To The Future


This meditation incorporates a short portion of Breathwork to faciitate the deepest shifting of energy.

Enter the quantum field of infinite possibilities. Become a vibrational match to what you desire. CHANGE YOUR FUTURE.


Weekly on Mondays (except the last Monday of the month, which is Healing Meditation with Mother Mary).



Connection + Clear Intention + Open Heart + Elevated Emotion = Miraculous Shift

The research on healing and manifestation runs deep and there’s far too much to say about this topic in terms of both the mystical and quantum physics than I could ever explain in this brief description. In a nutshell, this meditation works with 1) The Law of Vibration: take responsibility for your life and do the work, and 2) The Law of Grace: you can connect with an Infinite Divine Intelligence and receive help. Thank God!

More specifically, we’re using techniques to get into a Theta brainwave state (the gateway to the subconscious) and conjure up Elevated Emotion. The practices we’ll journey through in this meditation series are largely inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work with some other of my favorites thrown in: Guided Visualization, Breathwork, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Cord-Cutting, Ho’Oponopono, Blessing, Prayer & and more.

Some of you might remember Dr. Joe Dispenza from the old-school spiritual classic film WhatThe Bleep Do We Know?! For those who don’t, Dr. Joe is a scientist and spiritual teacher who healed his badly fractured spine in the 80s with his mind alone in a period of about 12 weeks. Every thought we think sends out a cascade of chemical messengers in our body. Change your thoughts, change the chemical messengers, though this work goes far beyond the confines and functions of the physical body.

I love his work for many reasons, but most especially because he’s living proof of the Impossible becoming Possible when you commit to change. He has thousands of brain scans of people from all walks of life to back up his work, and the testimonials from people who have recovered from terminal illnesses and healed chronic genetic diseases (and everything else you can imagine from finances to relationships) on YouTube are literally endless. Seriously… check them out and get inspired! I use his meditations in my own life and have experienced some really exciting changes.

If you’re looking for the ins and outs of why and how this works, you’ll find it. Visit Or come to meditation and we can chat about it!

Love & Blessings To You And Yours,




Breathwork is an incredible healing modality for releasing old emotional energy, bringing in new energy, and it is quite safe. Though rare, there are some Possible Contraindications/Interactions we’d like to let you know about. By purchasing a ticket and attending this meditation either in person or via livestream, you understand the contraindications below and take full responsibility for your own participation and any health effects of this meditation.


Breathwork Possible Contraindications/Interactions

Pregnancy (generally not recommended for pregnant women)

Cardiovascular Disease, including Heart Attacks

Severe Hypertension


Glaucoma or Retinal Detachment


Recent Surgeries

Recent Serious Physical Injuries

Recent Infectious/Communicable Diseases

Asthma (if you have asthma, you must bring your inhaler to the workshop)

Psychiatric Hospitalization or Prior Diagnosis by a Healthcare Professional of Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder (please contact Rebekah directly to discuss if you have concerns: [email protected] )


Use of Coumadin or other prescription blood thinning medications


Common Side Effects During Breathwork (these dissipate fairly quickly upon completing the breathwork)

Numbness in the hands, fingers or toes, claw like hands (tetany)

Light headedness

Yawn, Dry Mouth

Restriction or pain in parts of the body

Anxiety or panic

Deep emotion such as grief, sadness, or anger



Rebekah works with Music, Astrology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Meditation, the Law of Vibration & the Divine to help clients on their very personal paths to healing. Born & raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, by professional musicians and progressive thinkers, she has been singing since before she could speak and contemplating God and the nature of existence since the age of four. She currently hosts her own podcast Everyday Seeker: Real Talk For The New Age. A self-described “dark-night-of-the-soul survivor”, she has a great deal of experience with anxiety and cognitive-behavioral therapy in addition to years of intense study of all things metaphysical and spiritual.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Rebekah was on the summer faculty of the famed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and has been a music educator for 10 years as well as a full-time professional musician & performer. She believes music is a profound path to healing, and is passionate about helping others find peace, purpose and their power. She has collaborated and performed with some of music’s most celebrated and award-winning talents including Linda Ronstadt, Steve Winwood, Deer Tick, pop duo Karmin, & Christopher Guest to name just a few.

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Apr 26 2021


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM



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