Time Interior: Piano Meditations (Outdoor Garden)


SUNDAY, NOVEMBRE 20TH | 2 – 3 PM | $15


Time Interior is music for the journey inwards. Roksana Zeinapur performs original music for solo piano that encourages stillness and retrospection, allowing the listener to experience classical music in a brand new way. It is part concert, part sound bath, part meditation, and all an experience of beauty and transcendence.



WEBSITE www.roksanazeinapur.com/time-interior

SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/artist/4adzyetIQxhziqUUA11WXb?si=MmqKw8E3RzyxG7X-8jMpmg

IG https://www.instagram.com/time.interior/



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TIME INTERIOR was created in the stillness of social isolation during the COVID 19 Quarantine in 2020. After years of work as a performer in opera and theater that have taken her across the globe, Roksana Zeinapur found herself in creative isolation and started to compose and record new music. Music that encourages stillness and introspection. Music that aims to comfort and heal. In contrast to her work on classical music concert stages, Roksana began to draw from her interest in mindfulness and spirituality to create an original solo piano project. A project that continues to evolve but always with the goal of promoting peace and mindfulness in our continually unstable and bewildering world.

Time Interior draws on Roksana’s career as an interdisciplinary artist and performer who has forged a unique and multi-faceted path in her work as an actor, singer, pianist, composer and poet. Highlights of her work include performances at Lincoln Center in NYC and RedCat at Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles and residencies with Sonic Open Orchestra and Open Gate Theater. Her work as a poet can be read in the Los Angeles Press.

Time Interior creates evocative, cinematic piano soundscapes, reminiscent of music by Eric Satie, Nils Frahm and Johann Jonannsson. It can be heard on all streaming platforms.

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Nov 20 2022


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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