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In the November edition – and last of 2022 – of SELF: Personal Embodiment For Women, we will explore the arts of letting go and finding flow.

People often tell us to just let go, get over, and move on. But releasing is not something we do. To release, we need to feel. We must allow the original pain to emerge, as well as the pain of releasing and meet them with embodied presence.

We all hold attachments – to people, ideas, places, things, animals… The list goes on. Some levels of attachment are natural, and others keep us stuck in old patterns, toxic dynamics, and unhealthy habits. Sometimes, the thing we are holding on to is full of beauty, like the pain that comes with the loss of someone we loved – and yet, to grief, we must find ways to let the emotions complete their cycles in our bodies and that involves releasing too.

We all have something that could use a little releasing. What have you outgrown? Is it time to let go of an old dream, an idea of what your life should look like by now, a gripping onto a past relationship, or a previous version of yourself?

Art has a unique way of creating beauty from discomfort. I invite you to explore your letting go process through embodied movement and artistic expression, offering yourself the space to tend to your heart and Soul with generosity and creativity.

This is the last edition of SELF in 2022, an opportunity to begin the closing of this cycle with committed intention and welcome the new cycle with more spaciousness and lightness within.

In this embodied exploration, you will not learn to get rid of your fears or make resistance and clinging vanish magically. You WILL learn to:

• Explore your letting go process through intentional embodied movement, intuitive & expressive drawing, and prompted poetic writing.

• Create the space for new perspectives around your relationship with your theme to emerge.

• Give fear, resistance, and clinging the space to stretch its limbs, breathe, and move in and through your body.

• Explore your ability to flow as pure sensation and empowering energy. • Open your creativity, enjoyment, and desire to be fully engaged in each moment. • Share your authentic experience, be seen and supported, and witness other women’s embodied expression, remembering your innate belonging.

/ No prior experience with movement, art-making, or poetic writing is needed. / Open for all women. Trans inclusive.

• Dress comfortably & warmly.

• Bring a notebook and pen.

• Bring a clothing item to be used as a symbol of what you want to release. • Drawing paper and oil pastels to be used during the workshop are included.

An authorial workshop designed by Ana Liz Ceregatti based on Somatic + Art-Based practices, such as Movement-Based Expressive Arts and Somatic Meditation.

*Contact Ana Liz Ceregatti with any questions: [email protected] / IG: @analizceregatti @embodiedcreatures /



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Ana Liz is a Brazilian-born and Los Angeles-based Somatic Practitioner & Educator. She is a certified Meditation and Mindfulness educator specializing in Somatic Meditation, an Expressive Arts Practitioner, and the founder of Embodied Creatures.

Ana has spent over 10 years deepening her studies of bodymind+heart practices toward healing and personal and spiritual growth. She created Embodied Creatures to invite others to walk the path together and offer her embodied wisdom through an experimental body+art-based approach.

Ana knows that each of us can take our well-being into our own hands and is committed to empowering people to inhabit themselves and embrace the depths of their light and shadow with radical curiosity and love.

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Nov 18 2022


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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