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Jerome was raised by psychologists in Maryland and always thought he would follow in his parent’s path and become a psychologist himself. After pursuing that path, he felt frustrated with unsatisfactory results that took a prolonged period of time. He began looking to alternative forms of therapy and clinical hypnotherapy grabbed his interest, especially after learning that roughly 88 % of human mental activity is subconscious rather than conscious, and can therefore best be addressed through clinical hypnosis. His parents also encouraged his alternative path, knowing full well there is only so much help they as psychologists can provide to the conscious mind. Jerome has been practicing clinical hypnotherapy since 2009 and has become well rooted in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz and Silverlake ever since. His friendly demeanor and detail helps clients gain a better understanding of what’s in front of them. He is a classically trained clinical hypnotherapist with the mission of “(Re-) discovering personal strengths by replacing negative learned habits and behaviors with viable, healthy and productive alternatives.” Through therapeutic hypnosis, Jerome has helped numerous clients reach their goals in various stages of life. His clients have even reported gaining a greater understanding of the decisions they make and why they make them. He works in both clinical and educational capacities specializing in several disciplines that include Insomnia, Weight Loss, Anxiety, Motivation, and Hypnosis for Children.