Jerome's Bio

Jerome is an organic empath who has always been drawn toward healing practices and the ways of the unseen. When he was a child, he enjoyed listening to his Grandmother’s dreams which always seemed to come true.

Soon after, he felt the harness of responsibility as his own thoughts and feelings also began to come eerily true. Receiving cognitive, spiritual, and energetic guidance; Jerome learned to identify the subtleties between clairvoyance and clairsentience (specifically the difference between his own thoughts and feelings and those belonging to the energies around him).

After having followed the in footsteps of his parents into the field of psychology, Jerome began looking for alternative forms of therapy. It was clinical hypnotherapy that most grabbed his interest (especially after learning that roughly 88% of human mental activity is subconscious rather than conscious) and can therefore best be addressed through clinical hypnosis.

Jerome has helped numerous clients reach their goals in various stages of life through the “Remind the Mind” hypnotherapy practice.

His friendly demeanor and attention to detail help clients gain a better understanding of the decisions they make, and why they make them.

As a Hypnotherapist, Jerome works in both clinical and educational capacities, specializing in multiple disciplines including insomnia, weight loss, anxiety, relationships, test taking, motivation, and hypnosis for children.

Jerome offers intuitive oracle readings and offers Aka Dua (a subtle form of energy healing from the Toltec culture of Mesoamerica that is in the same broad family but distinctly different from Qi Prana), Reiki, and many other forms of energy healing.

He is also incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of crystal healing and regularly prescribes specific stones to help his clients shift energetically.