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Lani is an Integrative Hypnotist. Hailing from the east coast, she’s studied with some of the most progressive practitioners in the fields of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and continues to learn the most effective protocols to assist her clients. Her fascination with Hypnosis and NLP grew out of the desire to help others facilitate change and face challenges in a much gentler manner than she was accustomed to growing up. From childhood and well into her early 20s, her life centered around debilitating social anxiety. To overcome her fears and engage with others, she white-knuckled her way through unpleasant situations. She used nervousness as the throttle to move forward, eventually becoming a journalist and later heading a marketing department. Having knowledge of the conscious and unconscious mind; however, she’s learned that you don’t have to walk in fear in order to persevere beyond your personal limitations. Through her training she’s adopted various neurological, linguistic, behavioral and hypnotic techniques to help you shift limiting beliefs, overcome insomnia and phobias, build confidence, gain clarity and enhance decision-making, release stress and worry, improve communication, expand your awareness and more. If you’re curious about accessing your unconscious mind and effortlessly changing from the inside-out, contact Lani.