Cosmic Channel

“I here to help You find the answers you seek and to heal you from your inner pain …” – Sol

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Ever since Sol was a child, She was always drawn to the metaphysics, and the desire to “know”.  As a certified reiki healer and intuitive channel Sol is here to help guide you to your highest self and to be a vessel for deep healing to take place.  Sol spent a residency in Sedona offering readings and healings  before coming to Los Angeles, as she was guided to the energy of the city. 
She will say she is not here to tell you what to do, but instead deliver messages from your spirits and your angels, messages that they want you to know. You most likely already know the answers, Sol will just simply serve as a cosmic intuitive guide to get you back into alignment. 
Her energy will get you to awaken your spiritual abilities by either activating your spiritual journey and/or spiritual gifts.
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