Anastasia's Bio

Anastasia hails from a long bloodline of psychics and healers, and naturally has always used her abilities as a compass and refuge. It is her mission to share this beautiful integration with others.

Anastasia’s earliest memories are that of seeing and communicating with spirits (souls who have passed), angels, earth elementals, and more. As a child, she had prophetic visions and was always quite dazzled by the colorful auras around her, seen with her own naked eye. Her gifts, matched with her empathy and sharp intellect, led Anastasia to study many crafts focused on empowering souls and raising vibrations — think phoenix rising.

Whether you are looking for an incredibly insightful reading or a pointed deep healing, she’s your girl.

Anastasia’s favorite modalities aside from her psychic readings are:

  • Life Alignment – A complex energy healing system that uses vortex technology, kinesiology, and the latest in quantum physics to get to the source of the issues you are experiencing, releasing it once and for all. This practice clears the etheric, astral, and causal bodies. You’ll find it quickly balances the chakras and has the ability to free you from karma. It is not uncommon to meet spirit guides, explore past lives, and cut energy chords during a session with Anastasia. This healing practice is for the brave souls that are ready to step into their full potential.
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique involves using acupressure on the body’s meridian points, restoring balance to your body’s energy. Although this technique has much popularity in relieving emotional distress (which Anastasia does employ), Anastasia actually loves to use this technique to eliminate food allergies! Suffering from a severe lactose intolerance most of her own life, she now eats ice cream like a queen thanks to EFT. As food allergies can often be the hidden source of anxiety, depression, inflammation, and fatigue, it is important to restore the body’s relationship with what it ingests. Maximizing nourishment is the goal.
  • Astrology – Anastasia has studied astrology for 15 years under renowned astrologers. Get an in depth natal chart or synastry (couple’s) reading for an in depth understanding of the energetic makeup your soul decided to express itself in this time around.