CALCITE, BLUE: Stone of Calm · Honesty · Dreamwork · Knowledge · Great for: quieting mental chatter, calm focus, cooling and soothing nerves and severe emotional upset and grief, for clarity, honesty, acceptance, releasing negative emotions, peaceful and clear communication, energetic cleansing, transmuting negative energies, auric protection, gentle opening and encouraging of energy flow through the body, stimulating dreams, dreamwork and dream recall, creative daydreaming and visioning, meditation and spiritual journeying, enhancing intuition, psychic abilities and clairaudience, for creativity and writing, overcoming writer’s block, for students, learning and studying, decision making, overcoming apathy, lethargy and laziness, prevention of theft. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in lowering high blood pressure, may aid anxiety, depression, recovery from illness, bone and joint health, calcium absorption, respiratory system, immune system, liver, bowels and organs of elimination.



CALCITE, COBALTO (aka COBALTOAN CALCITE): Stone of Aphrodite. Self Worth · Harmony · Affection · Great for: all forms of love, especially friendship; connecting with the Divine Feminine; joy and vibrance, forgiveness, releasing fear and grief, harmony within groups of people, dispelling negative energy in the auric body.

CALCITE, COKE: Stone of Grounding. Dreams · Stability · Purification · Great for: spiritual awareness, connecting to higher self, combating laziness, releasing creative blockages, releasing the past and moving into the future, auric cleansing, restful sleep.

CALCITE, GREEN: Stone of Abundance · Connection · Harmony · Flourishing · Great for: heart opening and healing, moving beyond comfort zone into heart-centered emotional growth, prosperity, expansion and flourishing, for manifestation, for love, opening to connection with others, rejuvenation, emotional support in times of heartache, restoring mental balance, for cleansing stress, pain and toxic energy from the heart, for instilling compassion, forgiveness, for connecting with nature and nature spirits, for peace. Purported Physical & Mental Healing Properties: may help with overcoming addictions, stimulation of immune system, bone, ligament and joint health.




CALCITE, PINK MANGANO (aka PINK CALCITE): Stone of Grief Healing · Softness · Comfort · Emotional Support · This stone feels like a hug and a soft blanket. Great for: healing deep grief, loss, abandonment , and sadness, feeling held, connected and supported in unconditional love, softening, surrendering, soothing, receiving maternal energy, feeling the presence of the angels and receiving angelic support, feeling safe to be present with your feelings, feeling safe and supported in emotional release, softening harshness, facilitating the process of true surrender and forgiveness, support in counselling.

CALCITE, RED: Stone of Vigor. Energy · Boundaries · Grounding · Great for: energizing and balancing base chakras and overall aura, removing blockages and releasing energy leaks, maintaining healthy boundaries, honoring and embodying your truth, flushing stagnant energy out with new life force energy, regaining the energy to move forward.

CALCITE, ROSE: Stone of Emotional Reset · Love · Forgiveness · Letting Go · Great for: drawing and absorbing sadness, sorrow, grief and anger from the heart space; a balm for anger and rage, imparting compassion, peace and serenity. Reconciling change, self-forgiveness, release and moving on. Distance healing.




CARNELIAN: Stone of Vitality (aka The Artist’s Stone) · Creativity · Sacred Sexuality · Inspiration · Great for: stimulation, vital energy and empowerment, self-expression and overcoming shyness, creativity and artistry of all kinds (music, writing, dance and more), visualization, sociability, initiative, self esteem, strength, appreciation of and respect for nature and life force energy, love and passion, fertility, courage, motivation, taking action, concentration, releasing anger and resentment, working through jealousy and feelings of disempowerment, uplifting mood, overcoming apathy and lifting depression, revitalizing energy, imparting self trust, recovery from abuse, recovery from illness, soul retrieval, embracing change and moving forward, soul journeying, new mothers and stepping confidently into motherhood, strengthening the mother bond, supporting home and family bonds. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in balancing and rejuvenating reproductive organs and sexual health in both men and women, easing premenstrual symptoms, impotence, fertility, libido, support through pregnancy, kidney function, circulation, arthritis and rheumatism, digestive health and metabolism, detoxification and recovery from addiction, lower back injuries and pain, asthma and respiratory system, bones, ligaments, musles.

CAVANSITE: Stone of Clairvoyance. Lucidity · Life Transitions · Self-Respect · Great for: optimism and empowerment during big life changes, psychic development & intuition, astral travel, processing trauma and grief, healing behavioral patterns. 


CELESTITE (aka CELESTINE): Stone of the Heavens · Angels · Peace · Communication · Also known as the Serenity Stone. Great for: calling in the angels, grace and divine presence, communicating with the angels and divine beings, aligning with higher consciousness, higher guidance and unconditional love, supporting meditation, mindfulness and prayer, releasing anger and resentment, restoring harmony, soothing and emotional support, peace, comfort, calm and protection, for gently clearing and rebalancing the aura, releasing anxiety and worry, sweet dreams, remembering the true self, clear and graceful communications. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid brain and cellular health, nervous system, ears, nose, throat, eyes, digestive system, detoxification, pain relief.


CERUSSITE, BARITE & GALENA: Stone Matrix of Change. Grounding · Transformation · Hope · Great for: overcoming difficulties, linking to our higher purpose, money management.


CHALCEDONY, BLUE: Stone of Harmony. Emotional Balance · Kindness · Peace · Great for: mind/body/spirit harmony, transmuting negative energy, mindful communication, compassion.




CHAROITE: Stone of The Higher Mind. Higher Understanding · Overcoming · Transformation · Great for: times of turbulence and change, spiritual connection, insight and transformation.






CHLORITE, GREEN (aka SERAPHINITE, SERAFINA): Stone of the Seraraphim · Light · Divine Order · Purity · Seraphim are angelic beings of the highest celestial hierarchy. This stone is named for their wings, as its iridescent markings recall angel wings in flight. Great for: kundalini awakening, healing and aligning the chakras, clearing energetic blockages from the body, releasing patterns that no longer serve you, finding your soul’s purpose, overcoming helplessness, helping course correction and realignment of life direction, growth, integrating the physical world with the spiritual realms, attunement to the angelic realm and communication with angelic beings, elementals and nature spirits, astral travel, environmental and earth-healing missions, opening the front and back heart chakras, unconditional love, nurturing and care, supporting social skills and relationships of all kinds, for conflict resolution and reconciliation, for connecting with the Divine Feminine. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may support heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spinal health, detoxification, cellular regeneration and respiration, assimilation of nutrients, stimulation of metabolism, healthy weight loss, healing of cancer and systemic illness in general, strengthening of blood. 


CHROME DIOPSIDE: Stone of Commitment. Creativity · Strength · Calm · Great for: strengthening love and commitment, emotional support and calming aggression in people and pets, facilitating much-needed emotional release through cleansing tears (sometimes known as “the crying stone”); generating new ideas, retaining and assimilating information, embarking on new learning and education, refining goals; inspires receptivity to new perspectives and fosters trust; connecting with Mother Earth and nature, learning.



CHRYSOCOLLA: Stone of Truth. Arts · Communication · Teaching · Chrysocolla is a matrix of malachite, azurite, copper, cuprite, quartz and limonite. Great for: healthy and heart-centered communication, self-awareness, authenticity, speaking your truth with grace, strength to be vulnerable, listening skills, storytelling, creative writing, music and musicians, songwriting, singing, chanting and working with sacred sound, for performance, acting and actors, painting and painters, crafts, for designers, teachers (also known as the Teaching Stone), for compassion, enhancing human connection and bonds, tapping into personal power and cooling heated emotions, connecting with the divine feminine and goddess energy, for wise women and tapping into the sacred crone archetype, for cleansing the aura, forgiveness, serenity and peace, mental clarity, prosperity and success in business, for nesting, for hermits and homebodies and those who have trouble settling, for releasing guilt. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid depression and anxiety, disorders of the nervous system, womens’ health, pregnancy and menstrual cycles, thyroid and adrenals, throat and larynx, blood health and circulation, blood pressure, blood sugar and diabetes, lungs, digestive system, joint health, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle strength, inflammation, burns, fevers, scar tissue.



CINNABAR (aka CINNABARITE): The Merchant’s Stone · Alchemy · Wealth · Manifestation · Cinnabar is the common stone variant of the substance Mercury which corresponds to the planet Mercury. Mercury rules over communications, merchants and trading of all kinds. Great for: for prosperity and wealth, success in business negotiations, communications, persuasiveness, marketing, sales and commerce, for connecting to Source energy, awakening Kundalini energy, releasing the old story and identity, releasing self doubt, alchemizing into the Higher Self, self-confidence without harshness or aggressiveness, benevolent demeanor and leadership, releasing anger and resentment, enhancing mental clarity, clairvoyance, intuition, psychic sensitivity and vision, articulation and self-expression, aligning with the frequencies of prosperity and abundance, for longevity, clearing negative energy. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid physical strength, vitality, flexibility and mobility, blood and circulatory system, healing from viral and bacterial infections, overcoming eating disorders. SAFETY NOTE: This stone contains small amounts of mercury and can be toxic. Do not ingest, put into water, or wear against the skin. Direct skin contact is best avoided. Chakras: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Third Eye (6th). 

CITRINE: Stone of Financial Flow · Creativity · Abundance · Success · Great for: prosperity, financial success in business endeavors, overcoming limiting beliefs, feelings of unworthiness and blockages around money, for empowerment, optimism, courage, personal will, enthusiasm, for artists and for supporting highly creative and imaginative energy, self worth, aligning with feelings of happiness and joy, promoting generosity, warmth of character, vitality and recharging of energy, motivation, generating success through creative flow and confident action as well as magnetic joy, manifestation, for connecting with solar energy, self-expression, clearing heaviness and negative energy, releasing fear and self-destructive behavior, awakening to and honoring our own boundaries, emotional balance, enhancing intuition and courage to explore and express talents. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid physical vitality, chronic fatigue syndrome, overcoming depression, anxiety and phobias, chemical imbalances, digestion, metabolism, stomach, spleen, pancreas, detoxification, bladder and kidney health, allergies, chemical and food intolerances, endocrine system, balancing of thymus gland, thyroid and hormones, may aid degeneration, diabetes, digestive system, circulatory system, menstrual cycles, hot flashes and menopause symptoms, eyes health, nausea, stomach upset and morning sickness.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Stone of Clarity · Cleansing · Clarity · Amplification · Known as a Master Healer stone. Great for: clearing negative and stagnant energy on a soul level, transmitting white light containing all energies on the color spectrum, balancing the chakras, strengthening and conducting spiritual and healing energy, strengthening and amplifying the energy of anything it’s paired with, programming with intention, mental clarity, enhancing receptivity of energy and processing of information, enhancing focus, memory, perception, intuition, clairvoyance and receiving divine guidance, telepathy, transmuting electromagnetic smog and radiation. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Heath Properties: Everything.



COBALTO CALCITE (aka COBALTOAN CALCITE): Stone of Aphrodite. Self Worth · Harmony · Affection · Great for: all forms of love, especially friendship; connecting with the Divine Feminine; joy and vibrance, forgiveness, releasing fear and grief, harmony within groups of people, dispelling negative energy in the auric body.


COKE CALCITE: Stone of Grounding. Dreams · Stability · Purification · Great for: spiritual awareness, connecting to higher self, combating laziness, releasing creative blockages, releasing the past and moving into the future, auric cleansing, restful sleep.


COPPER: Stone of Transmission · Grounding · Conduction · Balance · Copper is not a stone or crystal but a metal known for its high conductivity and grounding properties. You may feel a gentle buzzing or singing energy when holding copper as you sense it’s thermal and electric charge. Ancient astrologers assigned copper to the planet Venus. Great for: magnifying and/or opening energy flow and vitality, amplifying the energy of other crystals, balancing energy and chakras, clearing energetic blockages, stabilizing scattered or restless energy, transmitting heat, energy and energy healing of all kinds, communication, telepathy and clairvoyance, spiritual channeling and transmission, connection with others, aligning with synchronicity and benevolence, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds, virility, sexuality, manifestation, going with the flow, receptivity and opening to the flow of love, abundance and all good things, self acceptance, diplomacy, overcoming lethargy, apathy and passivity, empowerment, self-confidence and independence. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid circulation, oxygenation of blood, anemia, immunity, arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness, inflammation of all kinds, mobility, collagen production and skin health, metabolism, bacterial infection, tissue repair, sciatica.


CORAL, FOSSILIZED (aka AGATIZED CORAL): Stone of Telepathy. Psychic Senses · Protection · Mental Clarity · Great for: supporting telepathic communication and connecting with higher spiritual realms, channeling earth energy, cultivating mental calm and groundedness in challenging situations, supreme nurturing, support during stressful times, focus, organization and motivation.


CRACKLE QUARTZ (aka FIRE & ICE QUARTZ): Stone of Acceleration · Multi-dimensionality · Alignment · Awakening · Fire & Ice Quartz is formed when Clear Quartz crystals are heated to very high temperatures and then doused with very cold water. Great for: openness and freedom, new beginnings, cleansing and purification of the mind and aura, for connecting the physical body more deeply with the personal and transpersonal chakras, for raising vibration, awakening and elevating consciousness, releasing old patterning, soul retrieval, cutting through confusion and stagnation and moving forward into new timelines, connecting to and conjuring the cosmic element of fire, for transformation, transmutation, manifestation and the Law of Attraction, for spiritual connection across realms and dimensions, for understanding and creating the soul’s path in joy, freedom and Divine purpose. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may support the pituitary gland, reproductive system, urinary system, endocrine system, and the resetting of neurotransmitters, DNA healing and healing from genetically-inherited diseases.

CRAZY LACE AGATE (aka MEXICAN LACE AGATE, MEXICAN CRAZY LACE AGATE): Stone of Laughter. Support · Optimism · Encouragement · Great for: joy, happiness, heart opening and unconditional love, strength, emotional stability, supporting creativity, intellectual stimulation and mental agility, connecting with people, socializing and networking, easing fears, promoting fun, traveling, self-confidence, expanding vision, mental acuity, perception and discernment, enhancing the analytical mind, decision-making, for flexibility and adaptability, stabilizing and centering, protection, removing negative energy and energetic attachments. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may promote vitality, may aid in recovery from illness or exhaustion, may aid chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal health and digestion, cell metabolism, uterus, eyes and other hollow organs, skin and blood vessel elasticity, varicose veins, heart health, fever, sleepwalking, epilepsy.  Chakra: Sacral (2nd), Solar Plenxus (3rd), and Third Eye (6th).