Color Correspondences in Healing & Magick

In this post, longtime Liberate practitioner Rebekah Muir shares her spiritual take on color and what it means on a vibrational level. (For personal guidance and healing, book a private session with Rebekah HERE, and for more content like this, Follow her on IG HERE).

Each color vibrates at a different frequency. You’ll find many people adamant about color correspondences, making sure to select the “correct” color to anchor a specific vibration. This is useful information AND I’m the odd woman out when it comes to color in healing and magick. Energy is complex and human beings run deep and we often have massive blind spots when it comes to our own feeling state and all that lurks beneath the surface. What may appear as one type of problem may have its roots somewhere completely unexpected.

I believe the colors you are drawn to are the ones you need. You can trust yourself completely on this. You’re not wrong. (This is the same for choosing crystals by the way.) You intuitively know which energies you need to balance yourself out.

When one thing comes into balance, it has a domino effect and we’re often surprised at how many other seemingly unrelated things fall into place too.

Feel into it. You may be surprised that the colors that “feel” the best to you for any given intention aren’t what you would have “thought.” Whenever in doubt, use white, which is safe and gentle and contains all color frequencies. You’ll absorb the frequencies needed.
Always pray and affirm that all healing is in accordance with the highest Divine Love, Light & Good.


Set an intention or make or an affirmation out loud (sound is energy and your word is your wand). Visualize it in colored light gracefully and powerfully entering your system and witness it transforming you. Ask for Divine assistance with this process. Notice where the light goes…

Trust the images you get and trust whatever colors feel right. (Maybe your affirmation needs to be anchored in turquoise, lilac or peach!) The colors can help you integrate and anchor the vibration of the new feelings and beliefs that you’re teaching your body.

You have as much authority to do this as anyone else! Have fun! What color is your medicine today?

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