DALMATIAN JASPER: Stone of Joy. Change · Purpose · Fun · A matrix of feldspar, quartz, iron oxide and black tourmaline. Great for: grounding, presence, playfulness optimism, transmuting despair and disillusionment, love of all kinds, loyalty and commitment, channeling energy, stamina and longevity.

DANBURITE: Stone of Interdimensionality · Peace · Purpose · Spirituality · Great for: opening the heart, opening to higher spiritual consciousness, synchronizing and uniting higher consciousness with the truth of the heart and embodying this vibration in the world, gaining clarity of life purpose and mission, connecting to transpersonal chakras, the angelic realm, spirit guides and the higher self, channeling divine guidance, transmuting anger, worry and emotional heaviness into light and love, for compassion and happiness, for supporting marriage and relationships, seeing higher perspectives and working through misunderstandings, cooperation, releasing karmic patterns, uplifting spirits and perspective, aiding meditation, opening to divine love and love of all kinds. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may heighten mental functioning, information processing, brain health, heart health, kidneys, adrenals, and positive attitude that can impact healing and recovery. May help with allergies, detoxification, supporting the health of liver, gallbladder, healing of muscular and motor function, Meniere’s Disease, high blood pressure, migraines, chronic pain. 



DENDRITIC AGATE (aka TREE AGATE): Stone of Nature · Abundance · Stability · Earth Energy · Great for: success in business, agricultural and gardening endeavors, an excellent stone for plants and trees of all kinds and can be gridded around a growing or gardening area, grounding and connecting to the earth and the nurturing energy of nature, feeling safe and secure in the midst of challenging of situations, for overcoming emotional strain, anger and bitterness, for enhancing strength, composure, restoring vitality, balance, calm and inner peace, patience, releasing inner blockages and limiting beliefs, maturity and positive behavioral changes, stability, anchoring into your roots which support your growth, strengthening family bonds and connections, faithfulness and fidelity, for prosperity and abundance, positive outlook and viewing challenges as opportunities, for support during pregnancy, protection while traveling. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may support breastfeeding, heart health, digestive system, eyes, stomach, uterus, intestines, healing of nervous, circulatory and skeletal systems, back pain, blood vessels, neuralgia, gastritis, fever, skin disorders, epilepsy, relief from physical pain, postpartum depression, sleepwalking. Chakras: Root/Base (1st), Heart (4th).

DESERT JASPER (aka POLYCHROME JASPER): Stone of Creativity · Action · Vitality · Passion · Great for: connecting to the elements of fire and earth for grounded and inspired action, channeling intentions and manifestation, projects of imagination, creativity and passion; energetic grounding, stabilizing and centering in general, unification and integration of elements of self that are disconnected and out of harmony, supporting organizational skills, determination and follow-through, deepening connection to Mother Earth. 

DESERT ROSE SELENITE (aka GYPSUM ROSE, SAND ROSE, ROSE ROCK, GYPSUM ROSETTE): Keeper Of The Earth · Protection · Perseverance · Serenity · Formed naturally from water, wind and sand. Native American legend has it that desert rose was carved by warriors returning from the spirit world and placed throughout their homelands for protection, with each rose having its own special spirit guardian. Great for: graceful grounding and strength, cleansing negative programming and energy from the body and aura as well as spaces, enhancing intuition, living with honesty, navigating hardship, for perseverance, focus and commitment to one’s truth, dreams and tasks, for standing one’s ground, inner calm and mental clarity, for embracing and expressing your unique beauty and talents, for overcoming timidity and anxiety, moving through grief and betrayal to empowerment, relaxing, linking the spiritual and physical worlds, making decisions, for motivation and manifestation, aiding homesickness and relocation, adjusting to change, for connecting with guardian spirits and for use as a protective talisman. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may help in overcoming anxiety, phobias, claustrophobia. May support immune system, healing of skin ailments, inflammation, prostate and testicular health.






DRAGON BLOOD JASPER: Stone of Power. Courage · Creativity · Strength · Great for: awakening kundalini energy, activating and balancing chakras, fertility, virility and sex drive, support and guidance in relocation.



DUMORTIERITE: Stone of Order · Intellect · Communication · Organization · Great for: boosting brain power, self-discipline and organization, intellectual activity, studying and learning of all kinds but especially mathematics and linguistics, retention of information, overcoming shyness, nervousness and stuttering, speaking up, clearing of the throat, confidence and alignment with one’s inner truth, public speaking, self-assertiveness and healthy boundaries, patience, calming the mind, wisdom in chaos, ability to cope in crisis, mindfulness, mental balance, serene mental focus, healthy detachment, constructiveness, creative flow, verbal skills, self-expression, making decisions with clarity and confidence, activating the pineal gland, telepathy, intuitive and clairvoyant guidance, spiritual channeling, automatic writing. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may help with healing of brain fog, anxiety, ADD, hyperactivity, OCD and compulsions, addiction, depression, headaches and stress-related illness, gastrointestinal tract, epilepsy, colic, sunburn, gallbladder, carpal tunnel syndrome, throat ailments, inflammation, allergies.