Dr. Day's Bio

Dr. Dayanara (“Dr. Day”) Thompson’s interest in Holistic Wellness began when she studied physiology and health sciences at California State University, East Bay.

Following her passion for helping others, she worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for the City of Oakland, CA, learning to deal with crisis and trauma calmly and compassionately.

Her years of experience were personally tested during her sophomore year at university when Dr. Day was involved in a serious accident, leaving her unable to use her left leg from the knee down. This injury inspired her to find various ways to heal her systems from within and from without, with help and with her own natural healing abilities. She combined spinal rehabilitation, energy medicine (NET/Reiki), and chiropractic treatments with her own expanding knowledge of self-care. She made an intense and transformative rehabilitation, able to continue to thrive throughout her life.

This personal and professional experience fueled her passion for becoming a chiropractor herself, with the singular goal of helping her patients undergo their own life-changing transformation, their personal evolution.

Calm, attentive, and nourishing, Dr. Day provides medium to deep manual care combining soft tissue techniques, chiropractic adjustments, NET/Reiki/energy medicine, sonic healing, yogic healing, somatic release, and more. Allow her to guide you on your wellness journey.