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Born in Bucharest Romania to Armenian parents Edward had many unique life experiences and challenges before moving to Los Angeles in 1964. He was interested in people, how they responded and worked and also fascinated with the world. He started out with a very scientific path studying engineering at UCLA and graduated with an MS degree in Engineering. Edward became interested in bioengineering and experimented with bio feedback machines and hypnosis and subjects as the travel of the neural impulse through the body. After working for Hughes Aircraft he developed an interest in manufacturing jewelry and stones. Working with crystals and a deep interest in people Edward started him journey studying the energetic world and found Pranic Healing. He has been practicing Pranic healing for over a decade and has continued to studying many other healing modalities. Edward says “Pranic Healing has changed my life.” He is committed to helping others experience the same amazing healing transformation he went through. People love Edward’s warm gentle soul. Healings are non-touch sessions that care heal anything from emotional trauma, psychological issues, and even physical pain. Clients feel the transformation and power of the healing even immediately after the session.