Eva's Bio

Eva began her spiritual education after she lost her mother in a tragic car accident, at the age of 25.

This sparked her gifts as a clairvoyant and clairsentient, as she was able to see and feel spirits and energies beyond this realm.

She had a love with her mother that crossed time and space, and began her path of wanting to be able to connect with her mum on the other side.

The gifts that she developed to communicate with those who had passed on (including her mum), led her to developing a very close relationship with her spirit guide, Alphair, and eventually God.

Eva has been educated in psychic mediumship school for several years with two psychic mediums in Bedfordshire, England. They taught her tarot, mediumship, past life regression, connecting with spirit guides and deceased loved ones. They taught her how to read anything from past lives, to flowers, ribbons and photos.

Eva is also a self-taught channel, and this is her most prominent gift at present. This allows her to have open communication with Source, and this is how she learns everyday.

Eva also undertook occult education in Los Angeles for several years, with two prominent teachers (a shaman and a magician) where she went deep into the occult, Kabbalah and shamanism. She also became a certified tarot reader from the 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts in downtown LA.

She then moved on to become certified as a Master-Instructor Healer in Integrated Energy Therapy®, and also studied prayer, with an agape church reverend here in Sherman Oaks. Her focus is on healing past life, childhood and adult trauma by working with Eternal energies that are able to transmute and strengthen the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This education has been paralleled with Eva’s tireless work to heal herself and awaken to all of her gifts. She looks forward to supporting you wherever you are at on your spiritual and healing journey.