Sound Baths and Sound Healings


Liberate Yourself in Sherman Oaks offers an extensive and unique variety of world class sound baths and sound healings facilitated by some of the most gifted healers in Los Angeles!
Sound healing is a unique modality that works and speaks to the energy in your body on a deep level. Sound healing is not only heard in the brain, but FELT in the body. Whether or not you are aware the sound frequencies will interact with your energy and cells to produce a number of amazing beneficial effects, such as:
– helping you drop into your body and be present
– deeper connection with your body and it’s energy
– moving through emotions and traumas that are stuck in your body
– chakra specific benefits like increased self-confidence, grounding, renewed sense of creativity, etc.
– connecting with your higher self and guides
– releasing stagnant energy
– auric cleansing
– and much, much more!

Great for: Physical and emotional support, relaxation, calming the nervous system, shifting brainwaves into a theta state (which promotes relaxation, healing and meditation), heart-brain coherence, connecting and aligning the chakras and overall energy system, clearing old, stagnant and negative energy, removing energetic and emotional blockages, facilitating meditation, improving sleep, reducing stress, improving focus, rebalancing and recharging the energy and nervous systems.
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