Healing Crystals: The Go-To Guide for Beginners

Shopping for a new stone can be kind of daunting, especially if you’re relatively new to the whole crystal scene. For this week’s post, Jean Grant breaks down the best crystals for starting your own little collection—depending on your needs and what you’re specifically

looking for. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst


These are crystals for healing and expanding your heart chakra: self-love, family, romantic partners and beyond. When love is present and in the flow, so is abundance.

Rose Quartz is my number one for love. A universal heart expander, rose quartz is known as a mothering crystal. It helps us to mother ourselves with unconditional love and then radiates that love out of our auric field. Use this high frequency stone for gentle heart healing and to attract all realms of love.

Green Aventurine is considered a lucky crystal, creating the opportunities in line with your heart’s desire. Remember, green is the color of the heart chakra! This abundant stone is perfect for calling in a new love, rekindling love or a new job.

Citrine is the yellow crystal for success, happiness, self-worth and love. Citrine is like the sun; it beams warm positive energy, allowing our hearts to be open to receive love and abundance. Keep this crystal in your pocket to be the sun you already are.

Raw Citrine


With October here, the holidays will be here before we know it. And with the holidays comes a lot of traveling. Traveling to visit family or your own holiday getaway? Don’t worry, we got your traveling crystals covered.

Shungite is a black stone of protection, keeping your root chakra in check. Not to mention, the carbon filled stone is excellent for counteracting the airport’s electromagnetic energies. For extra protection, keep a couple of stones in your pocket.

Malachite is a beautiful green crystal that helps keep your wisdom in check, particularly around challenging family members and travelers. Ward off the negativity and relieve the jet-lag with this guardian stone.

Amethyst is one of my all time favorite crystals across the board. This purple crystal keeps the calm and tranquility along the journey and alchemizes any negative energy into love. Keep it in your pocket, by where you sleep, and with you when you meditate. A lovely crystal.


Feeling the call to up-level yourself and your intuition? Let the inner work and transformation begin with the aid of these crystals:

Lemurian Quartz is a super magical stone. It’s programmed with sacred messages of love by the lost civilization of the Lemurian star-beings within the lateral ladder-like lines in the crystal. Hidden knowledge will surface and connect you the cosmic wholeness. After meditating with and carrying a Lemurian Quartz for a week, I felt an intense connection with myself, my community and the collective consciousness. Seriously, the same themes were appearing in conversation from close friends to complete strangers. Get ready for a wild spiritual awakening and upleveling.

Moldavite is known at the extraterrestrial stone — literally, it’s from outer space! Formed over 14 million years ago from a meteorite crashing into the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia, this green tektite will instantly raise your vibration. Its energy is palpable; you can feel its heat in the palm of your hand! Generate inner work, material change and synchronicity in your life with moldavite.

Come back down to Earth with Nuumite, also known as The Sorcerer’s Stone (check yourself, Harry Potter). Nuumite connects you to energy deep within the Earth; it grounds you spiritually and switches on your inner magick with its strong electromagnetic field. This is an incredible stone to aid in soul retrieval, shamanic work, and self-mastery. Let the alchemy begin!


Don’t forget to clean your crystals! This way, you can set intentions and program your crystal to unlock their qualities and attach them to you. You can clean crystals in salt water*, in the light of the full moon, by letting them sit on a slab of selenite, or by cleansing them with burning sage or palo santo.

*Except moldavite — salt water will damage it. Stick to regular H2O.