IDOCRASE (aka VESUVIANITE): Stone of Direction · Security · Higher Self · Emancipation · Great for: aligning with Spirit, following your heart and your calling, finding your direction, fostering cooperation, sensing energy fields, healing feelings of imprisonment, claustrophobia or being restrained, transmuting feelings of darkness, confusion and depression, emotional support and finding peace through upheaval and major life changes.


IMPERIAL GOLDEN QUARTZ (AKA GOLDEN AURA QUARTZ): Stone of Wealth · Success · Adventure · Power · Aura quartz is made by adding atomized metal compounds to the surface of clear quartz crystal through a process called pyroelectric bonding. Golden Aura Quartz specifically contains atomized Iron and Titanium in addition to other trace minerals. Great for: compassion, opening the heart, integrating the heart and solar plexus chakras to balance love and personal will, for confidence, sovereignty and leadership in the highest service of self and others, for personal enrichment, financial prosperity, compassion, for communication and affection while honoring healthy personal boundaries, for aligning and co-creating with the highest Divine order. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in overall vitality, elevated emotional state and good mood, energizing and strengthening the physical core, energizing the heart and lungs, may support the digestive system, stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and circulation. Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Heart (4th).

INDICOLITE (aka BLUE TOURMALINE): Stone of Psychic Mediumship · Clairvoyance · Communication · Service · Great for: enhancing psychic and intuitive sensitivity, channeling and spiritual communications, honest expression, love of truth, supporting inner morals and ethical life choices, calming and stilling the mind, finding a state of tranquility and alignment.


INFINITE SERPENTINE (aka INFINITE, INFINITE STONE): Stone of Kundalini · Auric Healing · Protection · Kundalini · NOTE: Infinite stone is a grey-green form of Serpentine from South Africa. Great for: meditation, spiritual communication, awakening kundalini energy, physical renewal and vitality, connecting with both Mother Earth and Angelic energy, past-life exploration, forgiveness of oneself, purging trauma, emotional baggage and stagnant or negative energy, shielding, stabilizing protecting the aura from negative energy, entities and electromagnetic pollution.

IOLITE: Stone of The Muses · Vision · Expression · The Extraordinary · Great for: psychic and intuitive development, increasing clairvoyant gifts and vision, artistic growth and success, communication with the higher realms, astral travel, shamanic journeying, renewing and balancing the auric field, self knowledge, self trust, self-respect and self-sovereignty regardless of outside influences, harmonizing turbulence in relationships, bringing order to chaos, artistic and creativity and exploration beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary, overcoming fear of the unknown and very difficult obstacles. Purported Physical Healing Properties: may help in releasing of addiction, liver detoxification and regeneration,  helps the body release fatty deposits and bacterial infection, healing from malaria, fevers, paralysis, numbness and nerve disorders, disorientation, dizziness and vertigo, insomnia and sleep disorders, supports pain tolerance, respiratory & digestive systems, sinuses, eyes, hair and nail growth, pituitary gland, memory.