Intro to Pranic Healing with Kimberlie Eddy

If you haven’t yet heard of Pranic healing, you’re not alone. (But get ready to hear about it a lot more!) It’s a no-touch healing modality that uses the energy of the hands to heal and balance a person’s “Prana,” basically their life force and energy field. A lot like Reiki, there’s no touch involved whatsoever. The belief is that the body has an inborn ability to heal itself, and the person administering Pranic healing is only accelerating that process by working with the inherent energies and redirecting them to where they need to go. Philippines-born GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui is known as the modern founder of Pranic healing and developed a system over 20 years.

This week, we talked to one of our energy healers, Kimberlie Eddy, about her own journey with Pranic Healing and how she stepped onto this path. Read on to find out more about it.

How would you describe Pranic Healing to someone who’s never heard of it?

Pranic healing is a school of energy healing, and it’s structured much like a system of recipes we follow to achieve a specific outcome for various ailments. Pranic healing can assist with incredible relief for almost anything one can imagine, from addictions and smoking cessation to relief from depression and anxiety, phobias, etc. It also brings balance and helps rapidly accelerate issues of the physical body. As Master Co frequently says, “Change your energy, change your life.”

What got you interested in it, and how did you know you connected to it?

I was suffering greatly going through a rather intense awakening process a few years back. During that time I dedicated myself 100% to my healing and emotional health. It felt like a life or death choice I was required to make on a daily basis. I wandered around Liberate Emporium and Liberate Hollywood a lot back then. I was, of course seeking a community of like-mindedness even though, at that time, it just felt like being in a safe space.

I began doing a weekly Twin Hearts meditation with Lili Reyes and followed up with the community healing clinic (Tuesday nights at Liberate!). This became my ritual, a highlight of my week. I must have done this for 3 months straight.

One day, in a particularly challenging period of feeling like I was “cursed” with bad luck, one of the session healers at clinic said to me, “You need to balance your karma. Do more service.” I dedicated my time to the cats at a local animal rescue several times a week. And it absolutely did help pull me out of the “stuck” energy of being hyper self-consumed, and allowed me to extend my compassion out to others. This does not always happen overnight, it’s a journey, a path, so to speak.

What can someone expect from a healing session with you?

In a healing session I determine what would be the best energy to work with based upon the client’s specific needs. I am also a Reiki master and work within the quantum field, which is a higher dimensional field of transmutation where lower vibration energies and stress energies can be transmuted into pure life force. In a typical session the person receives re-alignment of their chakras, activation of inner heart, a grounding earth energy cleansing, and a rejuvenated connection to your higher self.

Tell us about what you’ve been working on lately?

I’m sooo excited to share a special project I’m working on soon. It’s a line of aromatherapeutic energetic support products that are available to clean and align our chakras instantly. They are made with energetically charged plant oils and Himalayan salt. There will be more info coming soon!

What advice do you have for people working on their own energy or trying to raise their “vibration,” so to speak?

It took me several years of training, learning, researching and experimenting with my own challenges, to feel ready to step out publicly and offer healings on a professional level. My heart is still with service, but I find deep and profound meaning in meeting clients who are also going through spiritual journeys and have a lot of karmic patterns coming up. I have lots of experience working to balance these past life cycles and healing deep trauma wounds.

For many of us in the spiritual community, we are here to be of service in some way to raising the vibration of the collective energy of the planet. It’s very important to ground our energy and anchor into the earth every day. Practice good energetic hygiene, taking sea salt baths, moving our bodies in creative ways and practicing being kind when connecting with others. This will bring us back to the collective heart, and from there we can expand!

For more about Kimberlie, check out her site bio or her weekly Soul’s Path Meditation series.

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