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Originally from a small farm in the Portland, Oregon suburbs, Jean used to ask herself that small question of, “why are we here?” Specifically, to the stars. Little did she know how this would all connect years later. Jean has been a passionate storyteller from acting, writing and film and theatre-making. In 2013, Jean graduated from Australia’s prestigious drama school at The Victorian College of the Arts. After graduating, she dove deep in downtown theatre and making short films in New York. Although New York life was very sweet, Jean had a strange calling to Los Angeles. Upon this move, she realized she was an empath, that she could feel other people and collective emotions. No wonder she’s a storyteller! This gift was validated when she had her first tarot reading at Liberate Emporium on her Saturn Return birthday. Since then, Jean dove deep then into reading tarot and began exploring different methodologies of spiritual healing. After taking her first ecstatic breathwork class in 2017, it was a game changer. it was the first time Jean felt her pure conscious self, free from energetic attachments, free from emotional trauma. IT was her true cosmic self. All from her own breath! She continued to take classes, which then freed space in her body to heal trauma, apprenticed under a Chumash shaman, and complete Scott Schwenk’s breathwork teacher training, “The Power of Presence.” Now, she utilizes her empathic and intuitive gifts through her tarot readings and breathwork sessions to bring her client’s intuition and empowerment to the forefront. Jean then connected the dots from her childhood question of, “why are we here?” She knows now we’re here to live, to be our true cosmic self.