“Let’s check in! We can examine the mysteries of life in general, or we can explore more specific themes that you may have questions about. Using the tools of Tarot and/or Western Astrology- we can have a conversation that is open and comprehensive. I’m not here to talk at you; but with you. I am here to offer you guidance, wisdom, and support that leaves you feeling Empowered. I am here to offer you a perspective that stimulates an open heart & mind; and restores faith & trust in the Universe. Let’s chat!” – Jesse

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Jesse is a Tarot reader and Astrologer specializing in Western Astrology. In his nearly ten years of study, he has refined his development of a conversational style of reading that supports the opportunity for open dialogue & discourse while consulting the cards and/or the stars. Jesse first began delving into both Tarot and Astrology while pursuing Interdisciplinary Environmental studies and Music/Performance at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. He moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue his passion for music. Upon deeper study and reflection, he began working as a professional Reader in early 2019. Jesse is new to the Liberate family and couldn’t be more excited about it. Whether you want to explore love, career, or life in general- Jesse is open for readings and excited to converse with you!

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