K2 (aka K2 STONE, Azurite in Granite): Stone of Higher Perspective. Grounding · Intuition · Guidance · Great for: intuitive development, seeing the big picture, fostering empathy, deepening connection with the Universe, retrieving past life information, grounding spiritual downloads into physical reality, stability and safety that fosters spiritual enlightenment, centering and balancing, protection from nightmares. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may help headaches, emotional balance.

KAMBAMBA JASPER: Stone of Peace. Nature · Abundance · Protection · Great for: soothing the mind, alleviating stress, increasing money flow, opening the heart.



KUNZITE: Stone of Higher Love. Love · Romance · Agape · Said to be the highest-vibrational heart chakra crystal. Great for: love, romance and all matters of the heart, getting out of the head and into the heart, expressing love, processing grief, pain, and heartache, compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation, gently dissolving gloom and anxiety, supporting feelings of comfort and safety; inspiring empathy, introspection, loving self-expression; combining intellect, intuition & inspiration. 

KYANITE, BLACK: The Revival Stone · Balance · Grounding · Energy Flow · Great for: grounding to Mother Earth, for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, for protection from psychic attack and negative energy and entities, opening flow of life force energy, physical and mental revitalization, relief from stress, releasing and clearing negative cyclical thoughts, balancing masculine and feminine energy, cleansing and aligning the chakras, repairing and shielding the aura, shamanic journeying, astral travel and connecting with spirit guides, receiving guidance on life purpose, healing issues related to the root chakra (family, tribe, physical survival, vitality, resources), enhancing memory and past life memory, dreamwork and dream recall, working through conflict and finding harmony and peace. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid in energizing the physical body and revitalizing the spirit, healing and cleansing Mother Earth of toxins and pollution.

KYANITE, BLUE: Stone of Communication · Lucidity · Clairvoyance · Expression · Great for: opening the throat center, speaking, singing or verbally expressing with ease, for dissolving old negative emotional patterns, for effortless transmission and direction of energy, listening and understanding, meditation, divine connection, spiritual connection and communicating with higher spiritual beings and guides, nonverbal communication and understanding between people, opening psychic faculties, receiving divine guidance, for slicing through mist, fog and confusion, for lucid dreaming and dreamwork, for psychic protection. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: May aid healing of the throat, larynx and vocal cords, broken bones and bone health, clearing and restoring flow of energy through meridians and chakras, bridging of energy gaps in the body and etheric body.

KUNZITE, GREEN (aka HIDDENITE): Stone of Genuineness · Heart · Trust · Openness · Great for: encouragement, opening on a heart level to positive possibilities, cultivating feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, moving through emotional blocks, love of every kind – especially spiritual love, for emotional balance, self understanding, self love and self regard, compassion, claiming your freedom to be your unique self even around those who are not like-minded, truthful and loving self-expression, for supporting feelings of divine connection and love, for cultivating loving romantic relationships, giving and receiving in healthy balance, overcoming inferiority complexes, for complete and total loving acceptance and embracing of others as they are, for prosperity and success in business. Purported Mental & Physical Healing Properties: may aid heart health, endocrine and circulatory systems, skin, lungs, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, mobility, mood swings and anxiety.