Kimberlie's Bio

Kimberlie is a certified healer in Usui Reiki, HolyFire2, and Karuna Reiki® Master energy healing modalities. She works with Source through Reiki TUMMO, channelling Shing Chi energies and the Kundalini.

Kimberlie works as an intuitive empath through the ‘4 clairs’. She channels unique guidance for each client. Kimberlie taps into each individual’s soul path, as she connects with your Higher Self aspect to assist with activating your healing on a transformative level.

She is also a certified Pranic healer and crystal healer. Through Pranic healing she clears negative attachments, cleanses, and balances your major chakras. This reduces stress and old patterns of conditioning, while energizing the body with new high vibration life force energy.

Her personal passion is connecting with animals through energy work and sharing the Divine light with our furry friends, as they share their insight with us!

We are all individual expressions of our own experiences. Yet we are never truly separate from our greater purpose as a whole. It is Kimberlie’s honor to help awaken your soul’s path back to the Divine!!!