Kimberlie's Bio

Kimberlie is a multi-dimensional intuitive healer and channel, working within the Quantum Field.

She is a certified Usui/HolyFire3 and Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner.  She works with Source through ReikiTUMMO, channeling ‘Higher-Chakra’ Shing Chi energies and facilitates raw Kundalini Awakening and NonDual Awareness through the Kundalini Activation Process, ‘KAP’.

Readings are done within the light of Akashic Records, where Guidance is completely unique for each individual soul path and releases you from karmic burden. She connects with your Higher~Self to assist with raising consciousness and activating your healing on a transformative level, throughout all lifetimes.

She is a Pranic healer and crystal healer. Through Pranic Healing we focus on cleansing, and clear negative attachments and cords, transmute traumas, and cleanse and balance our major chakras. This reduces stress and old patterns of conditioning, and energizes the bodies with new high vibration Life Force energy.

Kimberlie also facilitates energy clearings for your home, office, land, etc. This greatly assists to clear, balance and align your spaces to assist you to raise your vibration, and clear obstacles and generational karma to make way for new opportunities to flow in!
Her personal passion is connecting with animals through Reiki healing and sharing the Love with our furry friends, as they share their insight with Us!