LABRADORITE: Stone of Mysticism · Vision · Intuition · Dreamwork · Great for: psychic and spiritual journeying, dreamwork of all kinds, spiritual communications, meditation, encouraging and expanding imagination, bringing in beauty and grace, creativity and art, receptivity, transcendence, transformation, raising consciousness, deflecting unwanted energy, dissolving fears and insecurities, releasing projections from others, balancing the aura, attuning with synchronicity, awakening magic. Purported Physical Healing Properties: brain health, hormonal balance, eyesight.



LAPIS LAZULI: Stone of the Gods · Honor · Intuition · Vision · Great for: inner wisdom and self-knowledge, royalty and status, communication and self-expression, spiritual attainment, serenity, creativity, calming anger, harmonizing conflict, family and loyalty, compassionate honesty, leadership, taking charge of your life, studying and educational pursuits. Purported Physical Healing Properties: lowering blood pressure and inflammation, may help migraines, respiratory system, nervous system, throat, larynx and thyroid health, eyesight, bone marrow, thymus and immune system, endocrine system, vertigo, hearing loss, ears and nasal health, insomnia. Purported Mental Health Properties: Addiction recovery, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, aiding those highly intelligent and neurodivergent individuals in their areas of imbalance.



LAVA STONE (aka BASALT, LAVA BASALT, LAVA ROCK): Stone of the Phoenix · Strength · Courage · Cleansing · Lava Stone was formed from molten lava. Great for: change and transition, connecting with the elemental power of fire, dissipating anger, releasing emotional attachment, grounding, rebirth.

LARIMAR: Stone of Atlantis · Serenity · Communication · Love · Great for: peace, relaxation, receptivity, clear, heart-centered communication and self-expression, good listening, releasing guilt, cooling anger, soft strength, setting and honoring boundaries, restoring strength, inner wisdom, playfulness, connecting with the elements of water and fire, calming fears and healing trauma, supporting attraction and health of romantic and soulmate relationships, connecting with the energy of the ocean and the wisdom of Atlantis, connecting with Mermaid and Dolphin energy, connecting with the divine feminine, relieving stress. Purported Physical Healing Properties: cartilage health, head and neck pain, calms hot flashes, fever, inflammation, blood pressure, overactive kundalini, vocal issues and health, high blood pressure, stress-related health conditions, psoriasis, allergies. Purported Mental Health Properties: postpartum depression, anxiety and panic attacks, nervousness, shyness. 

LAVENDER QUARTZ: Stone of Spirit. Peace · Self-Awareness · Meditation · Great for: reducing tension, heartache, emotional-body healing, higher spiritual connection.

LAZULITE: Stone of Heaven · Cosmic Energy · Confidence · Faith · Great for: intuition, psychic development, meditative bliss, inner calm and peace, anchoring oneself in the divine, dreamwork, astral travel, balance and cosmic alignment, self-esteem, self-discipline, mental focus and clarity, optimal brain function and coherence, finding and releasing root causes of problems, overcoming addictions and releasing bad habits. Purported Physical Healing Properties: stomach and digestive health, energizing internal organs, immune system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, thyroid, pituitary, liver, healing bones, teeth and gums, vision, helpful for migraines, healing of burns and bruises. Purported Mental Health Properties: communication disorders, Tourette’s Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD and hyperactivity, overcoming addictions.


LEMON CHRYSOPRASE: Stone Of Settlement. Finding direction, awakening artistic talents, harmonizing relationships, thinking out of the box.

LEMON QUARTZ: Stone of Optimism. Concentration · Creativity · Money · Great for: enhancing your gifts and positive qualities, counteracting negativity, successful communications and success in business, making decisions, enhancing memory, reducing cravings, prosperity, creativity and joy.

LEMURIAN QUARTZ: Stone of Ascension. Oneness · Master Healing · Dreamwork · Great for: acceptance, past life problem solving, raising vibration, aligns chakras.


LEPIDOLITE: Stone of Balance. Calm · Cosmic Awareness · Reconciliation · Great for: releasing negativity and mental storms, mental and emotional balance, calm and clarity, clearing electromagnetic pollution, deconstructing old patterns & rebuilding. Seeing the big cosmic picture and feeling safe in the Universe.



LITHIUM QUARTZ: Stone of Emotional Healing. Mental Health · Balancing · Healing · Great for: depression, anxiety, mental illness and imbalances. Facilitates calm and equilibrium, harmony, spiritual growth and peace. Deepens meditation.



LODESTONE (aka MAGNETITE): Stone of Attraction · Strength · Balance · Loyalty · Great for: realigning energy and restoring energetic flow, balancing polarities, grounding energy, attracting and repelling, calming chaos, heightening intuition, manifestation, magic and law of attraction workings, endurance. Purported Physical Healing Properties: anti-inflammatory, helps with asthma, relief of muscle pain, skin, hair and circulation, balancing metabolism, vitality in recovering from illness. NOTE: Recommended that pregnant women and those with pacemakers get greenlight from doctor before wearing or working with magnetite.