Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

We know a lot of you are still scrambling to get presents for those last few people on your list, and hopefully these items will give you some inspiration! We love these for more general gifts.

Selenite Charger

A stone of calm and peace, selenite is also a beautiful piece to display around the home. Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. The powerful vibration can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work.

Use this Selenite tube to cut away old energy and all that no longer serves you. Place in natural light through out your space. Like a sword, this selenite charge will remove energetic blocks fortifying you in peace and harmony.

Hand-Rolled Pure Resin Incense

Our Liberate incense is 100% pure natural resin, rolled by hand. Certain scents also contain completely natural essential oils (nothing synthetic, we promise). Because they’re natural, even a picky person on your list will enjoy these knowing they’re not breathing in any harmful chemicals. Plus, they add incredible fragrance and atmosphere to any space.

Each stick takes at least 40 minutes to burn all the way down (often longer). A little goes a long way!

Deluxe Sacred Smudging Kit

Smudging kits are used for healing, protecting and cleansing your home, a specific room, or yourself – making this a great gift idea for a clean slate in the New Year. This kit contains all the tools a person will need to maintain clear and positive energy and manifest serenity, love and happiness. Perfect as a gift, or a wonderful way to invest in your own self care practice.

Each Full Smudge Kit contains:

Sweet Grass Braid (1)
White Sage (1)
Palo Santo (1)
Turkey Feather (1)
Abalone Shell with stand (1)

Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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