Leela's Bio

Leela Maya is your San Francisco born, down-to-earth, science educated, witchy dragon mama. You can trust her to speak the real thing in joyful service to your healing.

With a background in environmental science and geology, Leela has a knack for spotting hidden patterns and interconnections. In a roundabout way, she started her spiritual journey as a raw vegan dessert chef in 2007 during the early days of Cafe Gratitude where it first began in the Mission District of San Francisco. It was working there that she discovered the power of intention, community, and how truly nourishing food felt like sensual kitchen witchcraft for her soul.

Picture a world where women’s circles, goddess magic, and the natural rhythms of the planet converge in a delightful dance of spirituality, authentic relating, and community: that basically sums up her last two decades living in the enchanted forests of Marin County, just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, having lived the last three years in La La Land, she is following her calling to foster individual and community seeds of grounding, authenticity, and vulnerability through the Spirit of Sacred Play!

Her academic ventures in the Sciences, Theater, Improv, and Somatic Therapy provide her with a unique lens through which she perceives the intricate tapestry of life.

Having graduated a two year Meisner Theater Conservatory in Berkeley, as well as a two year Embodied Communication and Relationship Coach certification, Leela expertly marries movement, dance, mask work, and the art of conflict resolution, creating a warm and nurturing space for personal growth for individuals and romantic partners.

Leela spent many years in alternative relating communities, and is available to provide support for both traditional and outside of the box relating styles. Love is Love is Love.

In 2015 she began working with the transformational festival, Soul Play, teaching improv, movement, embodiment, and communication workshops several times a year. This community of dancers, therapists, artists, yoginis, coaches with integrity, and deep and playful people has been one of the greatest inspirations in her life.

And now that she has moved to SoCal, it is a great aspiration for her to continue to create healthy environments like this for individual and community growth.

Her passion for fostering inclusive environments extends to her work with neurodiverse individuals and a trauma informed approach bringing understanding and support to those who often find themselves feeling misunderstood.
Your unique operating system is welcomed here.

In the great big world, Leela teaches Improv for Inner Child Embodiment Classes, is a Raw Vegan and Traditional Dessert Chef and Caterer. She leads workshops at Liberate Yourself, and is spearheading Liberate’s farmers market pop up booths, and is currently hosting a weekly by donation Ecstatic Dance in Griffith Park, called Ecstaturday LA.

You can work with Leela in her many Modalities:

  • Flow State Energy Sessions: Activated Theater Therapy; both playful & deep. If you often feel stuck with talk therapy, this is a great alternative! (And her favorite modality)
  • Astrology: Individual and Romantic, I use western astrology with a focus on mythological practicality.
  • Fairy Oracle Readings: Primarily Card Reading. Can also include Elemental Earth Magic, Talismans. Always includes grounded wisdom
  • Life Coaching & Relationship Coaching: Lets get your shift together! Utilizing a buffet of methodologies; Somatic Embodiment/ Theater Therapy/ NLP/ and more…
  • Raw Desserts and Diet to help with Emotional Eating: Healthy food as Medicine