Lent: A Spiritual Approach – by Doreene Hamilton

It’s that time of year…

The period known as Lent is the beginning of a shift of energy on the planet. From a Spiritual standpoint, during that time people tend to release or surrender things that they no longer want in their lives, or things that have too much negative control in their lives. In doing this, you make room for the things you do want, from a higher vibration. You can release or surrender procrastination to make room for stronger decision-making skills and the ability to handle the task at hand..

2017 is a powerful year. In numerology it is a 1 which is the beginning of a cycle for the planet. What we do this year lays the foundation for the next 9 years of our lives personally and globally.

It’s a year of new beginnings, dreaming and laying down the foundation of greater things to come. You may have to do something different like step out of your comfort zone and end a relationship that no longer works. You may have to give up an old habit like procrastination, or the attitude of one day I’ll do this. Lent gives you an opportunity to surrender the old, think big and act bigger.

During the 40 day period of lent think of a goal that you would like to manifest that is doable if you focus and put your energy into it. You can write 40 articles in 40 days. You can lose 10 pounds in 40 days. You can submit your project to 10 or 20 viable companies in 40 days. You can change a habit or your consciousness in 40 days.

It Requires Desire, a Plan, and Constant Action.

This is not a period to judge yourself as to whether or not you deserve the good that you are seeking. This is a period to give thanks for the good that is coming. The good that is yours by your birthright.

You can release or surrender candy to make room for a healthier body temple, or to experience the true sweetness in life. You can release or surrender alcohol so you can more clearly hear the voice of God or your Higher Mind. You can release or surrender negative thinking or particular words from your vocabulary, so you can embrace love on a higher vibration, or draw to you positive situations in any or every area of your life. You can release or surrender a person or a type of relationship that you know isn’t good for you, so you can experience unconditional love. Release or surrender ego, or boastful self-talk, so you can embrace who you really are – a more powerful Being than you could ever imagine.

When you are surrendering something, know why you are giving it up. If you have something positive that you want to affirm in your life, this will make it much easier. What you surrender does not have to have anything to do with the positive you are evoking. You can surrender smoking to draw to you a new job, or prosperity. Feel free to create an affirmation or mantra that you recite daily to remind you of what qualities you are anchoring in your life, what it is you want to manifest. Always state it in the “now.” I am now financially solvent. I am now at my ideal body weight. I am now surrounded by uplifting, positive people. I am now vibrating on a higher frequency and draw to me loving situations in every area of my life. I am now… you tell me!

The dates of Lent are different every year and for some can be confusing. Some beliefs don’t count Sundays. However, if you’re building a new spiritual structure within yourself, every day counts. Lent this year is from March 1st through Sunday April 9th. It ends during a period known as Holy Week. A week in which you can commune with your Spirit and give thanks for the many blessings in your life. A week to be in gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. This is a week to visually see yourself filled with light. In doing this you are replenishing the void. The void left by what you released or surrendered. You are replacing it with light, with love, and with power from the Most High. This is actually something you should do on a regular basis to fill the void of what you are releasing. Then Easter on April 16th of course is your rebirthing. The new YOU emerges.

Ask yourself, what do you need or desire in your life? Then ask yourself what are you willing to give up, or release to obtain it? This is the power of Lent, Forty Days and Forty Nights to release something known or unknown that is blocking the resurrection of your soul on a higher vibration. Forty Days and Forty Nights to obtain a new or better quality in yourself, or something you desire in your life. Forty Days and Forty Nights to a better YOU.

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