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We believe creativity and spirituality are one and the same – that creativity is sacred. We offer an impressive array of creative nights for all ages and all types of creatives and aspiring-creatives! Lose the writer’s block, the fear of criticism, judgment and shame, lose the shackles and chains of fear that have been stifling your self-expression and holding you back from claiming and owning your creativity and sharing your brilliance and light! Transmute any creative obstacles you may be experiencing with a little help from your Liberate friends! Learn how to let go and fully tap your magic, creativity and freedom in our safe, supportive, nurturing and inspiring space. Be powerful, be magical, be free! Whether you’re drawn to visual arts, music, theatre, poetry, comedy or – literally – ANY kind of art or creative endeavor, we’re here to support you and the creative force that flows through you, as you, in this world. We aim to offer it all at Liberate Yourself and are always expanding and creating new things!
Research tells us that doing something creative can give us a huge boost of positivity and get us out of a rut. As we grow older we sometimes lose touch with that creative part of us, but it’s always there – a flame waiting to be ignited inside of us.

“The creative adult is the child that survived.” – Ursula Le Guin

We love this quote by Ursula Le Guin and we couldn’t agree more. We are here to support you and your inner child. We have created the best, covid-safe outdoor events space to get those creative juices flowing. Even if you don’t feel like creating art you can still come experience it through your surroundings. Come enjoy some of the best improv groups in LA or listen to some Spoken Word. Surround yourself with art and creativity and experience profound shifts!

Great for: Absolutely everyone. We are all creative whether we realize it or not. Especially great for artistic minds and souls, for gently and powerfully tapping parts of the nervous system that move us away from states of anxiety, and for strengthening and sharpening the mind and spirit through learning and experiencing something new. Get out of your head, get into your heart and enjoy freedom and expression!


The great thing about our creative nights is there is truly something for everyone. Our outdoor space is the perfect place for sparking creativity with beautiful gardens, mystical lights and stunning hand-painted murals. We have the best outdoor event space for covid-safe experiences in LA. We supply everything needed for an artistic event unless stated otherwise. Enjoy a feeling of liberation as you sit down, stand up, or roll around and revel in this juicy space if you feel inspired! We also have creative events in the stunning and magical indoor space, a playful and enchanting crystal shop which can easily be transformed into an event space. Creativity is expression.

Why would you attend a creative night?

We are ALL born creative souls! You do not have to believe you are “talented” to be creative, you just need to show up for yourself. You will be encouraged to open up more. We want to see you be creative and powerful. It’s our motto! Be powerful. Be magical. Be free! Maybe you’ll even laugh a little at yourself as you find your way through the discomfort of allowing this part of yourself to the surface. It does wonders for the Soul. Grab some loved ones or a lover and get creative together! Especially if your routine is getting a little repetitive, it will be amazingly refreshing to try something new in a social setting with like-minded people. You may even meet some new friends! (and we hope these friends are us!) You can laugh at our art too because we still can’t draw compared to the greats, but we love it. Do you love it? Want to find out? What better place to learn and play than in the best and most unique, magical, creative and artistic space in LA? Come and Liberate Yourself!

When to do this?

Life is not easy – you know that and we know that. Liberate yourself and add a little spark to your routine! Being creative has a profound effect on you and gives you a boost of positivity. Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s common for our routines to get repetitive. If you’re like us and scroll on tik tok at 3 am watching people make things and think “Hey, I could do that” or at least want to try – let us help you get started. We have the best, most fun and most unique creative nights in LA. Maybe we’re speaking for ourselves, but we feel more creative with a fun group of people in this beautiful, spiritual, outdoor space that’s covid-safe filled with stunning trees, murals and mood lighting – than anywhere else.

Current Types of Art & Creativity Events offered

  • Theatre
  • Spoken word
  • Improv
  • Showcases
  • Art
  • Painting
  • Wine and paint
  • Jewelry making
  • Vision boards
  • Candle Making
  • Crystal Grid making

Upcoming Art & Creativity Events

June 2023
July 2023
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