MAGNETITE (aka LODESTONE): Stone of Attraction · Strength · Balance · Loyalty · Great for: realigning energy and restoring energetic flow, balancing polarities, grounding energy, attracting and repelling, calming chaos, heightening intuition, manifestation, magic and law of attraction workings, endurance. Purported Physical Healing Properties: anti-inflammatory, helps with asthma, relief of muscle pain, skin, hair and circulation, balancing metabolism, vitality in recovering from illness. NOTE: Recommended that pregnant women and those with pacemakers get greenlight from doctor before wearing or working with magnetite.

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN: Stone of Inner Strength · Strengthens the aura · Grounding · Protection · Releases feelings of unworthiness. weakness and limitation, attunes one to the frequencies of abundance and prosperity. 

MALACHITE: Stone of Growth. Protection · Progress · Rebirth · Great for: change and transformation, unconditional love, opening even a reluctant and fearful heart, mind and body so new energy can move in and stuck and suppressed energy can move through and out – shifting one into a new and higher heart-centered vibrational state of being. Great for increasing life force energy, courage, endurance, self-sovereignty and taking responsibility for decisions and actions, compassion and friendship, releasing past life traumas and old patterns from this lifetime, opening spiritual path and connection, self-expression, overcoming shyness and fear of conflict, feeling safe to be powerful and safe to be seen, powerful protection, cleansing of the physical and energetic bodies, for support in all travel endeavors (also known as a stone of travel), easing fear of flying and even traffic congestion, connecting with earth energy, the plant kingdom and devic spirits, great for midwives and womens’ healing, prosperity. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may protect from electromagnetic smog, pollution and radiation, may aid female sexual and reproductive health and associated organs, menstrual cramps, menopause, labor, hormonal imbalance, chemical imbalance, mood swings, diseases of the sexual organs, depression and anxiety, asthma, digestion and gastrointestinal health, kidneys and kidneys tones, gallbladder and gall stones, pancreatic health, osteoarthritis, bone and spinal health, joint health, high blood pressure, nervous system health, parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, tremors and neurological diseases, malaria, travel sickness, vertigo, DNA repair of cancers and tumors, enhance immune system, liver detoxification.


MALIGANO JASPER: Stone of Rebirth. Balance · Wisdom · Transformation · Great for: lessening dependency on things you don’t require, shedding the layers of the old self that are no longer in alignment and stepping into a new identity.




MERLINITE: Stone of Mysticism. History · Wisdom · Duality · Great for: balancing masculine and feminine energies, karmic healing, shadow work, thinning of the veil, psychic development, connecting with spiritual guides and masters in the higher realms, spiritual journeying, magic, mysticism and manifestation, opening the akashic records, living out one’s destiny.


MEXICAN LACE AGATE (aka CRAZY LACE AGATE, MEXICAN CRAZY LACE AGATE): Stone of Laughter. Support · Optimism · Encouragement · Great for: joy, happiness, heart opening and unconditional love, strength, emotional stability, supporting creativity, intellectual stimulation and mental agility, connecting with people, socializing and networking, easing fears, promoting fun, traveling, self-confidence, expanding vision, mental acuity, perception and discernment, enhancing the analytical mind, decision-making, for flexibility and adaptability, stabilizing and centering, protection, removing negative energy and energetic attachments. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may promote vitality, may aid in recovery from illness or exhaustion, may aid chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal health and digestion, cell metabolism, uterus, eyes and other hollow organs, skin and blood vessel elasticity, varicose veins, heart health, fever, sleepwalking, epilepsy.  Chakras: Sacral (2nd), Solar Plenxus (3rd), and Third Eye (6th).



MOLDAVITE: Stone of Spiritual Acceleration. Awakening · Transformation · Blast-Off · Great for: higher consciousness and spiritual awakening, accelerated karmic processing and personal growth, cosmic and extraterrestrial connection, activating starseed memories, earthly progress, divine re-alignment, heart opening, dramatic change for the better. NOTE: Moldavite is not of earthly origin. Belonging to the tektite family, it’s a molten glass that formed as a result of extraterrestrial material colliding with earth. Truly out of this world.


MOOKAITE JASPER: Stone of Versatility · Present Moment · Resources · Grounding · Great for: gently grounding and stabilizing the body, nurturing and support, creativity and versatility, cultivating feelings of peace and wholeness throughout the varied landscape of existence, perceptiveness, discernment and seeing all sides of a situation, protection from unwanted energy and influence, appreciating goodness and what is, calling our energy back into the present moment, counteracting loneliness and sadness, abundance, confidence, focus and inspiration, success in business and goals. Purported Physical Healing Properties: detoxification, regulating high blood pressure, tissue and wound repair and restoration, healing of hernias and ruptures, internal organ health and longevity, kidneys and bladder, digestive system, blood purification, helping with cystitis, stomach and glandular problems.

MOONSTONE: Stone of the Goddess. Intuition · Cycles · Divine Feminine · Great for: activating intuition, receptivity and clairvoyance, reflection, lucid dreaming, traveling, healing mother wounds, magical and ritual workings with the moon.

MOONSTONE, BLACK: Stone of Shadow Work. Intuition · Life Cycles · Visions · Great for: easing grief, allowing and flowing through change, release and surrender, working with the Moon – especially the dark moon (last phase in the lunar cycle), Mary Magdalene, the Black Madonna, Kali and any divine feminine energy, connecting with spirit guides, protection, gentle grounding and centering, psychic development, seeing what has been hidden, creativity, working through difficulty in relationship with others, moving through difficult periods in life, shadow work, finding your inner power. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may aid women and trans womens’ health, reproduction, pregnancy, childbirth, kidneys, spleen, stomach health.


MOONSTONE, RAINBOW: Stone Of The Goddess. Intuition · Cycles · Divine Feminine · Great for: intuition, introspection, receptivity, vision and clairvoyance, awareness of change, cycles and renewal, connecting with symbols, synchronicities, the moon, divine inspiration and the divine feminine, soothing fears and anxieties.


MORGANITE: Stone of Divine Love · Romance · Sweetness · Equality · Great for: divine connection through the heart, love of every kind, especially romantic love and commitment, appreciating and embodying inner beauty, encourages compassion, thoughtfulness, respect, fairness and softening of harshness in all relationships (business too), aids heart opening and self-healing, overcoming resentment, releasing anger, guilt, shame and grief, releasing toxic attachments, resourcing love from within, connecting with the higher realms and especially the Divine Feminine. Purported Physical Healing Properties: heart, respiratory and thyroid health, womens’ health, sexual enhancement. 

MOROCCAN GEODE: Stone of Higher Guidance. Intellect · Transmission · Astral Travel · NOTE: Moroccan Geodes contain clear quartz crystal in druzy form and as such, possess the metaphysical properties of clear quartz. Great for: sharpening the mind and the intellect, clearing energy, channelling and strengthening spiritual and healing energy, strengthening and amplifying the energy of anything it’s paired with, assisting with decision making and spiritual awakening.

MOSS AGATE: Stone Of Gardeners · Patience · Abundance · Tranquility · Great for: gardening and agriculture, connecting with mother earth and her energy channels, gentle grounding and expansion, steady growth over time, support with financial savings, persistence in all matters, gentle and stable support of vitality and health, soothing temper, balancing mood, networking and friendships, harmony in relationships, stabilizing the heart, equanimity and grace through disruption and challenges, hope and trust, connecting with nature spirits and elementals. Purported Physical Healing Properties: healthy neural networks and activity, hemispheric balance in the brain, supports focus and analytical aptitude, anti-inflammatory, stabilizing of nervous system, boosts immune system and aids recovery of fever and acute and chronic illness, good for fungal and skin infections and hypoglycemia, heart strength and health, stimulation of digestion and elimination, hydration, may help with epilepsy. Chakras: Root/Base (1st), Heart (4th).

MOTHER OF PEARL (aka ABALONE SHELL): Stone of Tranquility · Compassion · Love · Dreams · Great for: calming and soothing emotions and stress, gentle protection and auric shielding, for aligning with purity, for soft strength, harmony in relationships, empathy, communication, cooperation, balanced give-and-take and understanding, for intuition, inner beauty, healing and wisdom that comes through all life experiences – even trauma,  for enhancing intuition, dreams, spiritual connection and connection to the ocean and ocean life, for connecting to the Mother archetype. Purported Physical Healing & Mental Health Properties: may enhance sensory perception, may support the nervous system, skeletal system and bones, absorption of Vitamins D & A, digestion, muscle and tissue, fertility, allergies, skin, fluid retention and swelling, fertility, and childbirth.



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We often hear that the leading cause of our problems is within ourselves. But so is the solution.

It may seem far-fetched, but the power to solve all of our physical and emotional issues, whether it’s health, relationships, career, finances, self-esteem, or something else, is in our hands.

Metaphysical counseling helps us uncover the root of our suffering and address it accordingly. Let’s find out how!

Great for: Transitions, getting to the next level, breaking free of limiting beliefs or blockages, empowering one to believe in themselves, having accountability through your goals

what is metaphysics

Metaphysics is the most abstract branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of existence. In Greek, the word metaphysics means “after the things of nature”.

Metaphysics examines the very nature of reality. It offers explanations for phenomena that cannot be explained by “natural” science or that are “beyond the physical”.

This science studies the individual as a whole, as a physical and spiritual being.

Certain types of chakra healing and other holistic, spiritual healing practices, personal development, and even business coaching are based on metaphysics. They typically include working on physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s being to resolve issues that person is facing.

The fundamental law of metaphysics is that every action or decision causes a reaction or an effect. Everything that happens to us (positive or negative) results from past actions or decisions in this lifetime or before the present life.

Similarly, everything we do now will have an effect on our life in the future. This law is better known as karma (action).

It is also believed that we must resolve our life’s issues in this lifetime.

What is metaphysical counseling?

Metaphysical counseling is based on the principle that everyone is sent by the Soul (higher self) to grow at all levels of their being through their life experiences and the lessons they learn in life.

Sometimes referred to as spiritual or transpersonal counseling, it represents a whole person approach – body, mind, and spirit. This type of counseling helps us better understand our life experiences by explaining aspects that our senses cannot perceive.

To put it simply, metaphysical counseling is a form of therapy that empowers us to empower ourselves.

There are many ways metaphysical counseling can take place. This will depend on the practitioner you choose, the kind of spirituality they practice, and the specific issues you may be looking to address.

Some counselors will advise you on the use of crystals for healing, while others will stress the importance of prayer.

This is why it is essential to find a counselor whose beliefs align with yours. Otherwise, your counseling might not have the desired effect.

What can metaphysical counseling help us with?

Metaphysical counseling is a type of holistic-approach therapy based on spiritual principles. This psycho-spiritual approach helps people live a more authentic life by making conscious choices.

It is a self-empowering therapy that gives us the tools to identify and address the imbalances in our belief system that cause conflict and prevent us from achieving success and happiness. These beliefs are so subconscious that we aren’t always aware of them.

With the help of a therapist, people can discover the fundamental causes of their suffering and reach a solution through self-discovery.

It is all about learning to utilize our own self-healing power to reinstate harmony.

This can apply on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Good metaphysical counseling will address all of those.

What does a metaphysical counselor do?

A metaphysical counselor is capable of healing not only the human mind but the body as well. They can help with various mental issues, including depression, anxiety, and loneliness, or any physical illness, by offering guidance and support to their clients.

A metaphysical counselor can help us navigate our way to health, success, strength, or anything else we desire. They also help clients understand their spiritual nature in this lifetime and beyond.

Each counselor will have their own approach; some will focus on the metaphysical properties of the things around you and how to use those to your benefit, while others will prefer working on your own inner world.

We are all exposed to various positive and negative influences that shape our daily actions, thoughts, and reality. Negative impacts lead to issues like anxiety, negativity, and close-mindedness.

Metaphysical counseling aims to free people from these negative influences and their effects.

Gaining a better understanding of ourselves and our connection to the physical and spiritual world surrounding us with the help of a metaphysical counselor gives us the ability to recognize these harmful influences and build a defense mechanism.

The root of these problems lies deeper than the physical, mental, or emotional sphere. To find a solution, we must target the source. And that lies at the deepest and wisest level of our being – the level of the Soul. Many life situations can only be addressed through the metaphysical laws, and the soul factor is always present. Metaphysical counselors teach us numerous powerful techniques and spiritual principles we can utilize to find the greater good in any challenging situation.

They give us the tools to find a solution to our life issues without a struggle, using less energy in the process.

What to expect from your first metaphysical counseling session

During the first session, the client answers a series of questions regarding their life and the issues that are troubling them.

The counselor listens attentively to understand not only the surface issue but also the stressful beliefs and patterns that are causing the problem.

Further steps depend on the specific type of counseling and the counselor you choose. But after a counseling session, the goal is for clients to experience a greater sense of inner peace and well-being.

Not a one-size-fits-all approach

Metaphysics is a versatile form of therapy, so it can be adjusted to the client’s changing needs as the sessions develop.

Therapists use a variety of counseling skills and techniques. They usually determine which method is the most suitable, depending on the client’s condition at that moment.

For example, you may focus on meditation to prepare yourself for success but turn to more conversation-based therapy to deal with anxiety.

As you and your counselor work together, you will find what works best for you personally. This is one of the significant benefits of metaphysical approaches – they are highly flexible.

Metaphysics can be applied to almost any condition and is incredibly helpful with issues regarding:

mental health
challenges in the workplace
relationship issues
dealing with stress and anxiety
understanding emotional reactions
unlocking habitual patterns