Manifestation through Declaration: A List Of My Truths – by Doreene Hamilton

*This is a short excerpt from Doreene’s podcast episode on Manifestation. Click the podcast tab to listen, or find it on iTunes!*

“I’m going to read you my truths so you have an idea: – I see God in everyone and everything. I step aside and let God be God in my life. God is all there is. – I do unto others as I want them to do unto me. – I love everything and everyone. I seek to find reasons to love if necessary. – I am responsible for the things I do. My actions will bring reactions. – I have the power to choose my path and change my path. – The one thing I have complete control over are my thoughts. What I think about, I bring about in my life. I draw unto my vibrations my joys and my sorrows. My state of mind creates my state of results. – No grudge is worth holding. No hurt so light that it’s worth carrying around. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Forgive yesterday. Forgive today. Forgive now. – God is the source of my supply. No person, place or condition controls my supply. God is unlimited therefore my supply is unlimited. – Laugh and the whole world laughs with me. Cry and I ruin my makeup. If I can see the humor in any bad situation, I’m halfway out of it. I laugh often and much but especially at myself. – I am here to serve. Service is a gift to be given joyfully for in giving, one receives. Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth. – An attitude of gratitude is essential. I am grateful for each breath that I breathe, each life that I interact with. I am thankful for anything and everything, for all of it is a blessing from God.

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