March 2020 Tarotscope + Stone of the Month

It’s hard to believe that March is already upon us – and soon spring will be too!

We sat down with in-house Tarot reader Paul to see what’s coming up for this month. Book a reading with Paul here.

Tarotscope for March: The Sun from the Rider-Waite Tarot

The sun is bright! There’s a sweet baby boy on the back of a beautiful white horse surrounded by beautiful sunflowers. This is a card of brilliant optimism. So, whatever situations you have in your life….ignore them!!

Absolutely. Because what you pay attention to increases. So go for the sunny side. Walk on the sunny side of the street, and things will improve.

Stone of the Month: Opalite

A stone of personal power, Opalite helps you improve communication, remove energy blockages and attract light energy. It’s also been known to soothe stress, enhance intuition and aid in the making of excellent relationships.