“My main focuses are on Tarot, Numerology, and the Vitruvian Square. I do use some astrology to enhance my work, and I do mediumship but I use that in a different capacity. The things I’m best known for are my unique approaches to readings, but mostly for my Rose Readings” – Matt Bruce

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Known for his Rose Readings, Matt’s work with shamans, healers, historians, and master readers has helped him develop innovative ways to interact with the magic and meaning of the tarot, numerology, and roses! Every session combines various disciplines that allow us to focus on your special gifts. We can tap into your own intuitive power and manifest visions for your future, use numerology to find your lucky days, or seek deep insight through Matt’s signature Rose Reading. Matt’s use of therapeutic techniques and ritual during his rose readings resonate deeply with the people he works with, and this provides a unique healing and transformative experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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