Matt's Bio

Matt’s work with shamans, healers, historians, and master readers has helped him develop innovative ways to interact with the magic and meaning of tarot, numerology, and roses.

Every session combines various disciplines that allow us to focus on your special gifts. Each reading is different. We can tap into your natural intuitive power, use numerology to find your Spiritual Days, or reveal a path to your higher self using the Vitruvian Square chart in Matt’s signature “Rose Reading”.

Matt’s use of ritual resonates deeply with the people he works with, and he provides an empowering and transformative experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Matt is also a popular speaker and facilitator. He regularly speaks at conferences, libraries, and events for different groups and organizations. He has delivered his presentations on the History and Mystery of the Tarot, The Archetypes as Guides, Divine Connection with the Tarot, the Roses and Dreams Workshop, and his special Mystical Stone Seance which is one of his most popular experiential offerings.