Matt's Bio

What started as childhood fascination eventually became a lifesaver after a traumatic accident. Unable to walk for over a year, Matt sought refuge in the Tarot. He built upon his skills by seeking out professional readers, modern masters, Tarot historians, and mentorships with many of them. Matt quickly learned that combining different divination principles helped him create wonderful and shocking readings. Now with his recovery in full swing he can help your story come to life!

Tarot is about connection and meaning, and this applies in various ways to each person. Combining different principles allows us to honor the history of the Tarot, while transcending old traditions. Matt uses innovative approaches and rituals to resonate deeply with the people he works with, and this provides a unique and therapeutic experience you can’t find anywhere else.

My main focuses are on Tarot, Numerology, and the Vitruvian Square. I do use some astrology to enhance my work, and I do mediumship but I use that in a different capacity. The things I’m best known for are my unique approaches to readings, but mostly for my Rose Readings.