Ready to make some big leaps forward? Let Liberate inspire you to realize your dreams! With a package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions you can transform your life.

Protocol 1

Eager to change your job? Wondering what your soul’s purpose is? In just 3 sessions we can help you gain insight, choose courage, leap into your new.

Our Recommended Protocol:

Protocol 2

Lost your job? Worried about what comes next? Feeling stuck? In just 5 sessions we can help you see what you’ve wanted all along, let go of the old, and reprogram for freedom!

Protocol 3

Disillusioned by the trajectory of your life? Befuddled how you got here? Ready for a whole new vocation & direction? In just 10 sessions we can help you define what your soul wants, name it, accept it, and wholeheartedly pursue it. Through repatterning and refocusing we help you stay on track for the glorious new you that is your birthright.