Habits & Patterns

Feeling the need to shake things up? Having a hard time breaking old patterns? We’re here for you. With a package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions you can kick the habit and rise renewed.

Protocol 1

Want to quit smoking? Eager to establish new healthy habits? In just 3 sessions we can help you gain insight, reach cessation, and initiate new patterns.

Protocol 2

Been working on changing a more stubborn pattern? Feeling stuck? Coping strategies no longer helpful? In just 5 sessions we can help you identify exactly what you need to change, break the habit, and reprogram for freedom!

Protocol 3

Struggling with addictions or compulsions? Obsessive behavior and thought? Exhausted by your old patterns? In just 10 sessions we can help you face the root of the issue,  have compassion and acceptance for your difficulties and journey, make amends to others and yourself, gain the support of the community, restore your vitality, and reprogram for success, freedom and joy. And we keep you on track with accountability and follow up.