Michalis' Bio

Michalis “Magic Hands” Vamvatiras is a certified physical therapist with over 8 years of experience owning and operating his own private practice in Volos, Greece. Specializing in sports rehabilitation, Michalis has helped countless athletes recover from injuries and achieve their full potential. His dedication to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals is evident in all aspects of his work.

In addition to his work as a physical therapist, Michalis has also completed a certification in Massage Therapy/Therapeutic Massage from A2ZHealth.net. This additional training has allowed him to provide even more comprehensive care to his clients.

Michalis’ expertise extends beyond just physical therapy and massage. He has also worked as an athlete and judge at the CrossFit Volos Box where he provided physical therapy support and supervision. His knowledge of the human body and how it functions allows him to provide top-notch care to all those he works with.

Michalis’ dedication to his craft is evident in the time and effort he puts into staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and research in his field. He is constantly striving to improve his skills so that he can provide the best possible care to his clients.