Monday Motivation: Akashic Records Tarotscope for January 20, 2020

This week for our new Tarotscope series, we had Akashic Records reader Helen Vonderheide open up the Records for a channeled message guiding us into the coming weeks’ energies. For those of you who are new to the term, Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word, Akasha, which means primary substance out of which all things are formed. When I sat down to do an interview with Helen last summer, she told me that any time we have a thought, action or a feeling, it registers an impression in this energetic field known as Akasha—which is alive, present and available to us at all times. So, the Akashic Records are the vibrational record of a soul in its journey.

Read on to see what Helen’s guides had to say about the energies right now.

January 20, 2020 Tarotscope: Knight of Swords from Aleister Crowley’s THOTH Tarot deck

The card I pulled for the week January 20th is the Knight of Swords from Aleister Crowley’s THOTH Tarot Deck.

I opened up my Akashic Records and this is the message I received:

The Knight of Swords is a very powerful card in this deck. It represents reverence, peace, and freedom. The Knight of Swords shows one the way towards liberation and the ultimate inner peace. Humanity, spiritual seekers and deeply intuitive people are always encouraged to trust. Self-doubt and self-sabotage are their biggest obstacles. But why make the path harder than it needs to be? When trust requires so little of your attention.

The more you move into trust, the more you allow your soul to guide you. And when your soul is guiding you you are in the alignment of the oneness of your destiny. For ages, seekers have relied on outside sources to validate and confirm what they already know to be true within. This is an era in which humanity leads with their inner-trust providing a robust collective of leaders, change-makers and thought-provoking ascension to lead the way.

Now is the time dearest ones, more than ever you must use your potent life force towards other empowering thoughts. Trust within.

Note: The stones pictured are two Apophyllite crystals which are the stones of the Akashic Records.

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