Monday Motivation: Tarotscope for the Week with Paul

To get 2020 off to a good start, empathic Tarot reader Paul Jacek pulls a card for the week ahead and goes into some of the energetic themes we may be dealing with in the upcoming days.

Tarot card inspiration for the week of January 6, 2020:

Nine of Wands from the Mythic Tarot

It’s a good card. It’s been turbulent, which is not uncommon. So the argo is a little battered, it’s coming into the calm water though. The harbor’s right there; there’s a lot of blazing wands so the illumination is there. And that makes sense because as we come up to this first full moon of the year, it’s in Cancer so all of the “feels” are gonna start coming up for people.

It’s not a bad idea to get a hold of spiritual practice this week. Even if you’re to introduce meditation again. The holidays are over, everybody’s in that renewal sort of place. You can’t find a spot in a gym in the morning. Don’t worry, it’ll thin out. But part of that energy is the turbulence we’ve been under. It’s going to calm down.

This [imagery] is the story of Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece. And so as he comes in here, he’s about to find the Golden Fleece. He’s coming back home after an amazing journey through the deck.

Card II: Judgement from the Robin Wood Tarot

It’s interesting, sometimes when I pull from two different decks I get the same exact card twice [note: the 9 of wands was on the bottom when he pulled this!].

This is the phoenix rising. The card may say “Judgement” but it really is about discernment. It’s a very bright card. So, as we talked about the full moon in Cancer at the end of the week, this is a wonderful time to get very clear and direct. We have a Mercury retrograde coming mid-February. So this is a great time to take this new rush of energy from the New Year and start some projects because as we hit that retrograde, especially with the emotion that we’re gonna be uncovering with the full moon, then we can use the retrograde energy to reduce, reuse, rewrite, revisit. This week is going to be excellent.

Love-wise, it’s interesting. People always want to know about romance. The energy will really favor working so you have a nice basis. Romance is gonna kind of warm up a little bit more toward the end of the month, but this week is about, “What are we doing?” Putting paper clips in the right place, tidying up, get rid of that sweater. It’s the cleanup of all of that energy that we were expending through the Christmas season.

Enjoy the week!

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